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I did my first 100+ km ride on 23 March 2012. 130 kms to be exact and the ride tested all levels of will power and patience.

I had a riding partner Prashantt Rai who has done this route a few times which made possible to finish the ride.

The ride to Khargar - Kopoli was done in 2 hrs flat at a avg of 22 kms. I could have averaged between 24-27 but decided to conserve the energy for the ghats.

After a 30 min break in Khopoli we proceeded to do the treacherous ghats...It took 1 hrs to do the ghats had to stop twice to regain my breadth and even walked with my bike for 10 minutes at some crazy climbs....finally after making to the top of the ghats it took another 45 mins to reach Lonavala.....

After breakfast we headed our way back and lonavala to khopoli was done in 20-25 mins touching top speed of 59.8 kms per hour on my road bike.

The ride from khopoli to khargar was the worst....the sun was directly on head....temp was 38-39 degrees....and it just got unbearable to ride in the heat. Encouraged by my riding partner I held on but had to break every 5 kms or so. Had run out of water and electral...stopped over for a cool drink at one of the restaurants and finally managed to reach back by 4 P.M

Khargar to Khopoli - 2 hrs avg 

Khopoli to Lonavala - 1hr 45 min

Lonaval- Khopoli - 25 mins

Khopoli to Khargar - 3hrs 15 mins

Lesons Learnt:

1) We missed on eating high carb food....only 2 bananas before the ride...omellete at wasnt a ride like this sufficient nutrition is highly essential.....if body is low on nutrition mind starts playing games with you making the ride just tougher

2) Even though we sipped water at regular intervals it was'nt enough. One needs to consume a litre every hour....I had 4 litres of water, 500 ml of Gatorade, 250 ml of electral and 2 soft drinks....but with such temperatures it was'nt enough.....had to rehydrate myself on the return with coconut water and more electral....slept for 2 hrs to get back lost energy....

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Hey Jal...great going, I myself have done the same route twice on my MTB and sure man that climb from Khopoli to Lonavla is tough!! I faced the exact same probs on both the trips, even though I rested and hydrated myself fully before the start of the climb. To be honest, I was about to give up on my first time just a few kilometers in the ghat what with the sun on my head, no water, no shops around just the wilderness all around, but I took inspiration and motivation(both very important besides the water & energy bars) from my fellow rider -Faisal K who was climbing it slowly but steadily using his MTB's lowest gears. Finally reached the top and then did the most wonderful downhill touching around 62kmph...The high of the ride!! 

If you noticed there's a lone temple halfway in the ghat....and they offer cool water and a nice shaded place to have a breather.Its the ONLY support point throughout the entire stretch. BTW did you come across the criminally placed set of unpainted rumbler strips on your way down?? 

Yes I did but my heart wrenching moment came when I was speeding down at 48 kmph and suddenly entered a tunnel. I was wearing sunglasses and my visibility just went to zero.....could not switch my rear blinkers on time and could not stop my bike.....had to manage to look by bringing the goggle down to my nose.....

great going

Yup, all your lessons are correct. All the best.



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