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Hi Cyclists,

Today when i was on the way to Critical Mass # 5, i meet a cyclist.
The strongest cyclist i had meet ever. I meet him very near to Sasoon
Hospital, Pune MH. He always roam around there on his cycle. He is
Ebharim Shaik age 50+, suffering from Polio since childhood. He don't
have family. His address is road. His home is cycle, a special cycle
which he made & sells tobacco, Ghutka etc on it. He is very poor &
physically disable too, but see this strongman he don't beg money. He
started his own business on his cycle. See his pictures

We can help Ebharim Shaik, by informing his condition to any NGO or
Social Services, which takes care of lonely old age people like
Ebharim Shaik. I appeals each & every cyclist on the group to spread
this message. Many of us must be knowing NGO or Social Service
Organization what Ebharim Shaik needs. Please help this cyclist.

Pankaj Sisodiya

_> /__
(_) \(_)... Live Strong...

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Dear Pankaj,

Great initiative...

Till anyone of us find a suitable NGO or old home for him, we can perhaps start collecting some money and can gift him something of his use. You can initiate this by sharing your account details and people can deposite money there, you can keep a record of it and than after collecting a few thousand perhaps we can help him by some way.. Perhaps we can help him building a new cycle home for him or perhaps we can give him some more liquid money to speard his business...

I would like to have openion from the other forum member on this.





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