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hello everybody ! i have giant rincon disc at present. i want to upgrade ! can anyone tell me regarding giant xtc 27.5 2 bicycle ? i ride around 20 kms per day on road but it is full of pottholes! once in a week i go around 30kms. please advice ! thanks!!

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No way man, that's built for some serious trails, not road riding. 
Better to spend that amount on a trail focused hybrid or a CX (cyclocross) bike. 

thanks aaron what bikes will you suggest

Well man, I have no idea about your budget.
May I assume it to be ~1.1Lakhs ? (since the XTC costs USD 1700)
Ya around 1lack

Are you looking for a completely rigid bike with drop bars, a cyclocross? [I doubt there's anything under 1.5lakhs]

Or would you prefer a flat bar trail-focused hybrid with front sus.?
I really have no idea about the prices of trail focused hybrids as they aren't sold a lot in this price bracket, most of them are under 50k.   

I would really suggest you this 29er MTB Cannondale Trail SL3. This year's model may be a bit more expensive. It gives you the fat tyres of a regular MTB, bigger wheels give you more efficiency. It has higher gear ratios which will help you for road riding [the Giant XTC has lower ratios, mainly required for riding on the tough trails].  
Or if you can find Trek 8.5DS or Trek 8.6DS [trail focused hybrids] they will be able to give you good efficiency as well as be able to handle the pot holes. 

Thanks sir



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