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I own BSA MACH-1. Its a non-geared bicycle. Now I want to add gears to it. 

Please suggest how many gears would be appropriate.

A bicycle shop owner suggested starlit gears. How is the performance or should I go for Shimano?

Sunil Dingankar

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Its not a good idea to add gears to a non geared sying this coz i did the same to my mach 22 and spoilt my bike.

The space between the rear fork of the bike has to be expanded to make space for the cassettes, the LBS guy did a very bad job in my case and the rear wheel was fixed in an angle due to which drag increased.

Also shifting to the first gear was a pain, after some time i lost interest and sold my bike.

If u want to fit them i would suggest that you get it done with someone who is experienced with customizing bikes.

I agree with saurabh. To fit gear in non-gear bike is not right decision. The rear fork is to be exdpanded and the mechanics or fitters in the shops and showrooms have to do it manually. They will just pull either side of the frame like anything with force just to get it expanded so that there is enough space to fit the gear freewheel. Because it is done manually, there3is no perfection and therefore the gears will not perform easily and it will be difficult to shit the gears. Being a showroom owner since last 23 years, my experience says that if you want a gear bike better buy a company fitted bike.

Thanx Saurabh and Devendra. I'll definitely give it a second thought.

thanx Will... any contact number or address... I'll have a word definitely. 

Not a problem. I'll contact BSA will let u know about the proceedings. Thanx once again.

Hi Sunil,

You can contact us at the email below and we will revert soon.


Track & Trail

Hey WIll, I've got Sturmey Archer five speed rear hub. I'll need to change the wheel rim too, because BSA MACH-1 has 40 spokes and the hub will need 36 spokes wheel. So, I've got the wheel also. Now I need to find the LBS to fit it cause its a bit old system and not every LBS knows how to fit it.

Hi Will,

Finally got LBS in my area who installed the Sturmey Archer 5 speed hub. He said its 3 speed hub only. When I searched on the net. one of the articles about said, that its an extension of 3 speed hub. It has dual lever control. 

The right lever or trigger selects underdrive, direct drive or overdrive, just as with the AW and other 3-speed models.

The left lever selects between narrow range 3-speed and wide range 3-speed. When the cable is loose, it's narrow range; when the left cable is tight, it's wide range.

I hope I have the above said S5 sturmey archer. 

Btw my first ride was about 8 km and it was effortless. 

So, thanx a ton and now I will go one step ahead in cycling. 

hey, do put up a snap of de hubs and the shifter...basically de whole bike....wud love to c wat u hve done....

I'll put it soon.

Its a sturmey archer 5 speed rear hub. BSA Mach-1 has a rear wheel with 40 wholes while the hub is with 36 wholes. So I needed to change the rim. I bought the rim for Rs. 200/- from Metro Cycles at Kalbadevi, Mumbai and the hub for 1500/-. You dont easily get the Local Bike Shop who can fit it. Fortunately I found one in Thane. 

To fit the open gears rear fork has to be expanded. In my case with this hub, it doesnt require to do anything with basic structure of the cycle as the new is of the same width as the old one. Tyre, Tube and Chain also remains the same.

It has dual levers which are attached to the handle bar.


Anybody know a good LBS in thane who can install Sturmey Archer 5 speed hub in BSA MACH 1? It really needs an experienced LBS.



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