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Hi Everyone

I'm really excited to be planning the next leg of my world tour. So far I've made my way from England across Europe / Turkey / The Caucasus / across the Caspian Sea to Central Asia (the highlight of which was the Pamir Highway) [10500 miles - 17000 km] .. and am now taking a short break while visiting friends, having flown to Dubai.

My next move will be to fly to Kerala. I'm hoping to get a 6 month visa so my plan is as follows.

From Cochin head suth a little way to explore the backwaters and head towards Ranni Forests - Periyar National Park area, then from Munnar head towards Kodagu and then the coast at around Mangaluru. Then take the NH-17 or equivalent coastal route up to Goa and then Mumbai. From Ahmenabad I will head inland towards Udaipur / Pushkar / Jaipur / Agra (or more likely New Delhi as I will have visa and permit beurocracy to deal with there for my continuing journey towards Myanmar via Nepal. I plan to enter Nepal from the Gadda Chauki > Mahendranagar crossing near Banbassa in far western corner of Nepal, so my route will be somewhere in the order of 2200 miles or 3500 km.

I'm new to the board so will keep my query broad....

Does anyone out there have any advice / suggestions / alterations / warnings or advice about my plans?

Thank you all in advance for your expertise, I'm hoping the site will be a mine of local knowledge and insight.


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I've had no trouble, I've nearly arrived at Nepal now and UP so far has been calm and peaceful. This is the state my Indian hosts in Mumbai warned me about, but I suspect their warning was due to prejudice than any real threat; although keep your ears open as there are plenty of stories of people on bikes being targeted.

You'll have no problems on that goa stretch... stick to the coastal road rather than the highway. It was one of the most beautiful sections of the journey in India so far.




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