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I need alloy wheels for BSA Mach 1 (27x1.1/4).

Dear fellow cyclists,

I am looking for alloy wheels to fit in my BSA Mach 1, I do not want to buy another road bike as I have acute shortage of parking space (I have 2 cycles already) and cycle is not allowed inside my house as I live as PG. So either I add alloy wheels to improve its effeciency to complete my long distance rides on BSA Mach or sell it off and buy Schnell Speedrom. Speedrom is turning me off because it has 26" wheels and steel frame (dont want to spend 13K n yet not get alloy frame), I feel Mach is doing very good even without gears and I love it for its frame (steel) and wheel size, my body has accepted the geometry of its frame hence I face no issues even after riding it for 10 hours in a day. So I request you guys to please help me source alloy wheels.

P.S - I have checked with almost all cycle dealers in Kalbadevi including Metro cycles. I have also left my contact details with lot of cycle dealers in Malad, Kandivali and Goregaon area.



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Schnell, just look away. Road bike under 50k only Trek 1.1 and 1.2 otherwise others only above 60k. And alloy wheels aren't going to make Mach efficient. And other thing is that you can only import them. 

Dont say this yaar...

I know it's not gonna improve the efficiency by bounds n leaps but atleast I would not have to change or clean bearings after every ride. Alloy wheels would be lighter than the iron wheels atleast. Let's see what I can manage..

Still, it's not going to be easy to find and is going to cost you 3x the bike. Just spend 25k and get a good hybrid.

Let me add a bit more, even if you do find 630-32 alloy wheels, the hub is going to be designed for a geared bike, and hence the hub is going to be bigger, therefore it's not going to fit, again leading you to rebuilding the new wheel, meaning that you would have to buy a new hub, because the spoke count is going to be lower than 40. 

Let me tell you very briefly,
@10k only a rigid-steel MTB with cheap gears, and aluminium wheels.
@15k only hard-tail MTB, alloy, low end gears, cheap front sus., and aluminium wheels.
->hard-tail-alloy MTB with somewhat higher quality gears, and alloy wheels, and maybe 1 disc brake (pay 3k more than 20k).
-> Very low end hybrid-alloy, basic V-brakes, low end gears, alloy wheels.
-> Mtb, hard-tail, with two disc brakes, alloy wheels, good quality front lockout suspension, better gears.
-> Hybrid, better components, but still V-brakes.
-> MTBs remain Hard-tail up to 1lakh, but get lighter and better components on increase in price. 29er MTBs start from here.
->Hybrids start to come with disc-brakes, higher quality gears, and much lighter. Go all the way up to 60-65k (according to availability in India).
-> Entry level road bikes(alloy), low end components but give a good ride, some may have carbon fork, some may have alloy.
-> Road bikes (alloy) with a bit better components and carbon fork.
-> MTBs/Hybrids are present here too.
-> MTBs start to come in carbon, but alloy is also present, still hardtail.
-> Roadbikes are still alloy w/ carbon fork, better components.
-> MTBs carbon, some may be full suspension, and hardtail, alloy MTBs are present here also.
-> Road bikes start to come in carbon, but very basic components.
-> Cyclocross bikes present, very basic.
-> Maybe one or two basic Triathlon bikes present.

When choosing a good hybrid, please leave out any Indian brands, inclusive of Firefox, Unifox, Schnell, LA-Sovereign. It's a simple thing, the more you spend, the more you get.

Hi Aron, Thank you very much bro...

This is more than what I wanted to know..Thanks a bunch!

Just saw your query. Well I would suggest you upgrade your bike with 700c wheels as this will give you much more options when it comes to tires.

You can also look at Suncross racer star for 15.5k you will get a alloy road bike and I can tell you that its value for money bike.

Hey Vinni, u r a star bro. Thanks for suggesting something in my budget...I am checking online where can i find dealer for Suncross bikes in Mumbai western suburbs.

Thanks again! :)

You can check with Bhairav cycles in Goregaon if they have it in stock, also you can check with Pro9 cycles - Faisal thakur. 

If nothing works out then you can check this site and order it from there-

Here is the product detail -

If you plan to order online then i would suggest you contact the guys on the website first, Sant Singh  runs the site ask him if he can give you a small discount on the bike. I am sure he will give you some discount on the MRP mentioned.

Another bike that i can suggest is Robinhood arrow - this is also a alloy bike and i think comes for 18.5k -

Both Suncross and Robinhood are value for money bikes, you get what you pay for. Btwin sport1 would have been the best bike for your budget but unfortunately its been discontinued I think. 

Hey Vinni,

This guy - Mr. gaurav M is such a fantastic person yaar...very helpful chap. I ordered SUNCROSS CALIPER BRAKE Model No:SCS-CL-BRK-YD-Z55 and Reflective jacket. Its a test order, if this goes well then I am hooked on to them. Also spoke to him about Racerstar, he said will get me discount when I am ready to make purchase.

Thank you so much bro for helping with this. Much Appreciated!!



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