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I need alloy wheels for BSA Mach 1 (27x1.1/4).

Dear fellow cyclists,

I am looking for alloy wheels to fit in my BSA Mach 1, I do not want to buy another road bike as I have acute shortage of parking space (I have 2 cycles already) and cycle is not allowed inside my house as I live as PG. So either I add alloy wheels to improve its effeciency to complete my long distance rides on BSA Mach or sell it off and buy Schnell Speedrom. Speedrom is turning me off because it has 26" wheels and steel frame (dont want to spend 13K n yet not get alloy frame), I feel Mach is doing very good even without gears and I love it for its frame (steel) and wheel size, my body has accepted the geometry of its frame hence I face no issues even after riding it for 10 hours in a day. So I request you guys to please help me source alloy wheels.

P.S - I have checked with almost all cycle dealers in Kalbadevi including Metro cycles. I have also left my contact details with lot of cycle dealers in Malad, Kandivali and Goregaon area.



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Yes Gaurav is a helpful guy and will give you discount on your purchases.

I'll tell you what will happen if you buy any of those low end bikes.
1) its your first week of riding and you've only ridden 200kms or so , you'll face your first tire burst.
2) it's your second week of riding you'll experience your second tire burst
3) its still your second week of riding , your hands will start paining cause of that ridiculous handle bar geometry.
4) its your third week of riding and your chain breaks
5) its your 4th week of riding and your FD and rd start giving problems.

So go ahead and but that bike if you're ready to accept the above.
@ Vinni,
Really? Suncross Racestar is a "Value for money bike"???
According to what I remember, a value for money bike is supposed to have decent components and a good ride, but sacrifice in weight.
And I doubt Suncross Racestar is giving any of that with such a cheap frame. It even has a threaded fork, not a threadless one. Even the shifters are crap, along with the handle bar.
To top it off, I doubt it even provides vibration dampening, in order to give a smooth ride.

Aaron I would like to ask you a few questions.

1] Why do you think this is not value for money bike?

2] Can you suggest any other bike in the same price bracket with the same components?

3] Have you personally seen and ridden the bike?

I want to tell you that generally i do not give a suggestion unless I know what i am talking about. While giving any advice to anyone One also needs to be pragmatic and realistic. Its easy to give suggestions to increase your budget and go for Trek/Giant or other high end bikes but one also needs to look at the budget that the person wants to spend. 

If deep would have said he has a budget of 30k then i would have suggested trek and other bikes. Also do not forget that Deep is extremely happy with his current BSA Mach and hence i suggested something which will be within his budget plus has decent specs. the bike has a derailleur hanger  which will allow him to upgrade the components as an when he feels the need for.

Also dont be dismissive of entry level components, the reason there is component hierarchy is bcoz there is a market for each segment, and to be honest there are more people riding bikes with A70/tourney/2300 groupset than with 105 groupset. 

Do not compare Racer star or Robinhood arrow to trek bikes as they are not in the same segment and surely not in the same price bracket.

Aaron - I have grown up riding all sorts of bikes right from heavy Indian roadsters to a alloy MTB/Roadbike and I belong to the school of thought which believes that  "The Biggest differentiator or  defining factor in a bicycle is the Rider Himself"

I am just going to sit back and wait for a long term review of this bike (Hopefully it will be given) by Deep P.  

1) I think you would agree with me when I say that when choosing a bike, more importance must be given to the frame rather than the components.

Let's take a look at some details that I found about the Suncross Racestar.

1. A road bike needs to withstand loads more vibration being transferred through it, meaning that it needs to be made stronger along with having modified tube design to decrease vibrations being transferred. This increases costs significantly.

2. Racestar's wheels have schrader valves, meaning that the wheels are weaker at the part near the valve as compared to the wheels built for presta, and road bike wheels need to be strong.

3. Front derailleur is of an unknown brand.

4. Shifters are ancient.

5. The fork is a threaded, non-OS (it isn't mentioned that it's an OS). Hence it isn't stiff enough, leading to slight weakening in frame/fork. 

From the above:

1- Remove all the components and what do we have? a frame that costs only 8k and alloy. I don't expect that to have any kind of vibration dampening to give a smooth ride.

3- May give horrible shifting.

4- RR 5.0 and RR340, although being MTBs have a threadless, A-Head/OS headset, and give a really smooth ride.

Having a rear derailleur hanger isn't really going to make any sense in upgrading because all the upgrades come in 8spd.

2) like I said before, it's not about which bike with this components, it's about the bike it's self, a road bike under 40K does seem very impractical. 

It's simply, you get what you pay for. You pay cheap, you get cheap. You pay more, you get more.

"Light, strong, cheap. Pick only two".

Well the Racestar is definitely cheap, no idea if one can consider it light, no idea if one can consider it strong. 

I am not going to take this discussion further with you as i can clearly make out that you have not ridden the bike, secondly your statement that "road bike under 40k seems very impractical" does not leave any scope for me to take this discussion further and finally as i mentioned while giving advice we also need to be pragmatic and realistic - If a persons budget is 15k there is no point suggesting 40k bike as you have lost his attention from the first sentence itself.

Remember from your own statement you consider "BSA mach as a Crap No bicycle at all" yet on the other hand we have Deep who is very happy with it and does 200kms ride on it. 

I would only like to suggest that dont be dismissive of entry level stuff - there is a huge market for it and there are lots of people who are happy with it ( I have personally done over 14000kms on Altus groupset including Manali - Leh) Calling Entry level stuff as "Cheap/ No - good" are strong words. If they were Cheap/ No good then Shimano would not be making them in the first place itself. Shimano makes it bcoz there is a market for it and this groupset is made for a certain task, yes if one is willing to pay more than one can get a better groupset/frame but everyone does not or cannot spend 40k plus for a road bike.

I'm am not going to spend any more of my time in replying further on this topic.



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