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Tour of Assam,Arunachal Pradesh,Nagaland,Meghalaya on a BiCycle :)

Hi Friends !!!

                     Anyone here did Arunachal Pradesh,Nagaland,Assam,Meghalaya etc on Bicycle ??? i want to know details of the tours,camping,terrain etc. Let it be Solo or in a group. But i am mostly seeking information from the traveler who has done cycling on those terrains without any amenities,support vehicles etc. Here is my travel plan 

1.) Guwahati(Assam) ---Tezpur(Assam)--- Bomdila(Arunachal)---Tawang(Arunachal)---Bum La pass(Arunachal if possible n i get the permits) back to Dimapur(Nagaland)----kohima(Nagaland)---Kisama(Nagaland) (Hornbill Festival) back to Guwahati(Assam) n if time permits i will include Meghalaya.

2.) Ride will be solo including camping , no hotel stays, i will be cooking or i will depend on local foods/drinks.

3)Attend Hornbill festival as well as the Rock concert there.

the tour will be around 2000kms :)

Now i need your Suggestions/infos etc

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How long are you planning for this ride?   2000km is atleast 30-40 days touring.
will follow this thread very enthusiastically. I plan to do this most probably in the next year solo. So the interest.will like to know more about permit requirements in details. Your tour experiences are going to guide me and many others like me. So note them in details from preparation stage to the end of the tour and its after effects if any. Wish you all the success in your en devour. will wait for your posts eagerly.
@Vandit - I got around 23days time to be on saddle. What ever kilometer i can cover peacefully,comfortably is fine for me..... including the photography,meeting locals etc. so it might not be 2000km on ground but will try to to as much as possible :)
Cool, let's stay in touch about this.  I'm planning a trip there in March myself.
@Satyaprakash thanks a lot . Yes I will note n keep updating everything including the preparation, equipment,expenditure, experiences,photos :)
@Vandit - Sure I will try to update things as soon as possible after i start the traveling
Hi Joy, even I was thinking about the same route. btw I'm from NE (Manipur) but, living in Gurgaon and its been quite a while that I haven't gone back...would love to go back...on a cycle! :-)

Hi @Raja i understood even before your reply tht your r from North -East:) I got lots Kooki and Tankhul frnds. Anywayz i hope i will be starting from ghy on 25th Nov and finish before 25th Dec coz my leave is limited :) Capturing Bum La pass is a dream well as Sela Pass. Will be visiting n trekking Dzukhou Valley most probably lets see .....depends on the time n scope ..... :) Plz let me know if you have some info regarding those parts or any help :) i will be posting my equipment list very soon too. If you r in facebook search me by '' Bedouin Joy'' . keep pedaling n exploring :) :D



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