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Hey guys,

I'm quite a noob when it comes to cycling. I've been riding a cheap Suncross for 3 years now and I plan to take cycling forward seriously. I don't have much of a budget, its around 15k. My use of the bike would be for long distance rides, I'm planning one of 120km this weekend in Pune (let me know if you want to join in). I would be riding on road most of the time, but off-road too for short distances. So I think a hybrid is what I should be looking at. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

Taking a look at hybrids on the Indian bike dealers, I have come across the Schwinn cycles which more or less fall into my budget, namely, the Schwinn SporterraSchwinn Sporterra SportSchwinn Searcher 2011 and the Schwinn Searcher Sport. I'm unable to make up my mind on these 4, so could someone tell me what would be best out of these? I'm thinking that having shock absorption on the bike would help a lot. Would it?


Also, if there are any other good bikes that fall in the budget mentioned above, please let me know.
One last question, how are Fomas and Firefox cycles comparatively? I had a look at the Fomas Roadking Deluxe and the Firefox Roadrunner but after reading reviews around I'm quite unsure of their performance. Please let me know.
Thank you for your time!
Ian Crasta

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Hey Ian....everyone has they're own preferences as far as bikes are concerned....finally i guess its a ride on a bike that just 'feels right' ....Fomas Roadking is one of the most popular bikes in its price range and class currently....everyone can't be wrong.....but then again its a roadbike and not a hybrid....if u like you could also maybe check out the cityking/mtbking and the climber range.....lightweight, affordable and comfy 

Happy cycling :-)

ok, i'll have a look at them.


Any reviews of the bikes listed above?

hi Ian:


why don't you visit Pro9 at Bandra Pali Hill. you will find the address on the net. Faisal & Zubair are the individuals you need to contact.



visit bikes zone - cycling.There you will find very good reviews and comparisons too. All the cycles you have mentioned are reviewed.



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