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Hi..I am a beginner and am yet planning to start cycling to work. I live in Bangalore and my office is about 15 kms from home. The first thing I plan to do is to test-drive during one of the weekends if I can actually ride all that distance and then back !

Can you please suggest a good bike and also Do's and Dont's for a beginner. I have a poor back/neck that I am strengthening by doing some exercises every day.

The other thing that's worrying me is, I live in an apartment and I need a good lock to protect  my bike in the parking slot. In addition, in case my bike needs a repair like fixing a puncture etc is it easy to fix that at home ?

The first step is to atleast start thinking about cycling..which I have achieved ! :)

Hope to get to the next step of trying it out and then staying with it.




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Personally - Front Squats , Back Squats , Clean Jerks [Only when done properly, you may want to get a trainer or someone who has a proper form to supervise], kettle bells do wonders for the core. 

If you have an access to a spin bike , that is a great addition to build muscles. 

If you have very poor calfs or hams , try slow running for a couple of months. 

Good luck and cheers !

**Disclaimer** I started cycling recently and this is based on my experience as a beginner, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

1. If possible try to go for a ride, if you are having medical issues please ensure you consult your doctor or a specialist before hand (Don't want you to spend on a bike that you can't ride). I tried the iCycle Level 1 Course which is for beginners and around 30 kilometers. If you can't then think about renting a cycle for a day and trying it out. A word of caution, even though its for beginners it was grueling for me and gave me a heads up on how out of shape I am, your experience may be better..I hope

2. Depending on your usage requirements, an Hybrid will suit you. Go to good shops and inquire about prices fit/features. This will help you decide a budget BOTS/Wheelsports/Decalthon in my opinion are good.

3. Think about it carefully, are you sure about the traffic/pollution? 15 kilometers in the Sun is sweaty, does your office have shower/changing facilities. You may not want to cycle when its raining, in Bangalore you can never tell when it will start raining

Keeping these in mind you will also need to add 7K approx for accessories like Helmet/Gloves/Apparel/Stand/Cyclo-Computer/Lock etc. Once you decide you do need to think about people meddling with your bike in the parking lots as well as parking spots. I keep it in my apartment :)

Thanks a ton Tushar. Those were nice pointers. I am going to rent a bike and try out for sure before I buy.

Yes my office does have shower facilities.


You need comfort. Comfort on position, saddle and weels. Not a race bycicle.

And take YOUR time and water.

Just do it, you will feel graet.



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