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Hello everyone,

I've been reading about bicycle ride leaders and careers related to this field and I've found out that in UK there is a company which runs such courses. Is anyone here an experienced Bicycle Ride Leader? Can they share their experience and how lucrative is it as a career in India. Abroad, its really huge and people are very enthusiastic about it!


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Hi Shweta,

This is new info for me. But it's a encouraging idea. But with my experience in bringing in conversation regarding cycling during casual talk in office over the 3 years have given me experience in not only encouraging a few people to buy cycle and do weekend rides, but also understand cycling in different light than before... Now I can relate to what you have known about bike ride leaders in UK. Someone, someday (may be decades) ago started similar thing in UK and now they have got it evolved to this stage, where it is a culture and pays well too (career path). Here in India, it is starting and we all are leading it in some way or the other by pushing the topic in general into people's mind, and / or by example setting of cycling to office regularly and encouraging others.

It will hopefully be a career post for me in the long run... And it is with anything to do with endurance sports events. Like halfmarathon in Delhi, mountaineering and trekking, etc. I am fortunately interested in all of these and would love to make a career in this mixed bag of endurance events, not limited to the above only.


Hopeful to find & connect with like minded people (including you) and light a spark in the innovative mindscape churning with ideas...

Hi Susaant,

Thanks for your msg. It's lovely that you encourage people in your office to ride. Yes, in many ways this is similar to what Bicycle Ride Leaders do abroad. Only thing is, that it is a professional career. There are organizations which run programmes like 'Bike to Work' & 'Bike to School'. Basically promote bicycling in every way possible. Check these out (Washington) & (San Francisco).

The course in UK which I was talking about

These guys conduct courses even in ones own country. It's something which I'm interested in doing but need more people to join as they would only train if you are in a group. Or otherwise one needs to travel to the UK if u need individual training.

Let's see how well it works out.

This is an amazing input from you, Shweta! I watch many foreigners riding on cycles but I wasn't aware that they promote bicycling at this extend. This is good boost for every rider that openly promotes, encourages other and speaks about cycling in cities.

Bicycle Ride Leader is entirely new concept in India but I think those days are yet to come when we (lazy, sweat hating and status crazy - More likes for new car but not for high-end cycles on Facebook) Indians would go for daily business on bicycles routinely.

For now, I would kindly suggest you to start speaking about cycling and put yourself as an example. Even in TEDx talks, many presenters have made their marks by promoting cycling. Start your own club if possible and then seek it as a career.

Hi Sachchidanand,

Thanks for your encouragement and great advice! Really appreciate it. Yes I agree with what you say about people giving more 'likes' for cars on Facebook than cool looking bicycles. I myself drive a car and love driving too. But the thrill I get on a bicycle is something else. Not comparable!

I'll surely start speaking on cycling and get more active on forums. The course in UK which I mentioned on my earlier post is a great way to get professionally trained. I started bicycling on the streets of Mumbai some 6-7 years ago and I remember being 'frozen' at times when the rickshaws just zoomed by cutting lanes and putting your life in danger. So yeah it's certainly challenging to ride a bicycle in the city. But the time has come to change it. Also the way the climate has got affected by the no of cars and pollution. It's scary! Mumbai was hit by unbearable summer this year. I feel if bicycle riders in every city can take initiative to make a difference in the city and it's climate, it'll bring about a major change.

Hoping for the best!! And thanks once again.

Hey Basab,

Thanks for this motivating poster!!!!

Hi Shweta,

A great opportunity is waiting for you - an emerging hobby/interest based marketing website is interested in creating special section for bicycling and bicycles. Concerned person send a message on Facebook but I think you might give better justification to what their team looking for. Also, I'm too busy with my daily tasks.

Can you send your email Id so I could ask them to contact with you?



I dont really know about ride leaders but ive heard about some trail scouts in Nepal that lead tourists around some of the best trails on mountain bikes and they get a decent pay



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