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Bike rentals for Mumbai Cyclothon - For Corporate

Hey guys,

I see that a lot of people are taking interest in the cyclothon, I see that they have added a few more categories "Green" "corporate" "Kids" most probably looking at the Marathon & how it becomes a family outing... Although I would have loved to see the event as a serious competition but I guess the fun part of it will help promote & popularize cycling. 

Getting to the point.... My organization wants to take this up as initiative in the company & encourage employees to participate, but since not everybody owns a cycle I want to know details of renting bikes in and around Bandra... that too overnight. I have seen the Bike rental thread but do let me know if there's another way I can approach this or any shop who's willing to rent some good bikes.


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Hi Kaushik,

This is the best time to encourage people to buy a cycle and get on to cycling in the long run , I can give heavy discounts for corporates if there are more than 10 customers.

Take Care

Ride Safe

? much would a 12 gear cycle cost ??
ya I agree... I did tell people about it.. even for simple Hero Hwak... But many said the same thing.. we wouldn't want to splurge for a one time activity. Maybe once they experience the fun in riding they'll be urged to buy.
There was an estimated 35% of increase in sales after the Bangalore Cyclothon..... 6000 participants..... 20000 spectators .... so lets hope the family grows in Mumbai too.
Hi Kaushik,

I got this number from Cyclothon organizers..see if it helps

Faisal Thakur - 9769612311 email -

Hi All,
I would second Kaushik’s viewpoint. I am working towards enrolling 10 colleagues for the event. The concern that even if we manage to rent a cycle for D’day , it would not serve the purpose as one needs to practice days in advance.

Does anyone know of where one can get a good deal for an outright buy if we collectively buy in bulk ??

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I also don't understand the vague ace categories stated differently on the pages of the site. I mean in the race category there's 100km, 50km, 24/24, 12km and so on... it says 24kms for Amateur & Corporate. But on the FAQ page, it says 10kms???? can't understand what is the real figure??? Can anybody pls throw some light.
Dear Kaushik,
I can arrange bicycles for you for such time.. call me on 9867987031 or sent a message to me here...
You can get in touch with FreMo ( Can look at renting bicycles.



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