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Hi All,

My Cycling ordeal so far -- 

Few months back i bought Merida Matt - 40 -V in Delhi..I used to ride daily 20--25 kms & 40 kms approx on weekends. Recently i got my transfer to a place called Cuttack Located in Odisha...As I shifted I couriered my Cycle through Safexpress recommended by my dealer. Now when I received my cycle it had a crack on the fork. Now I am claiming from the courier company ::gunsfiring but i need to fix my fork & i have not been cycling for last 20 days and its not a gud feeling. Guys I need your suggestion on what to do now like brazing, wielding or go for a new one ..its really sad i am not able to ride anymore ::cussing

below are the pics

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Dear Piyush, as i seen the cracked fork in the picture send by u, the fork is totally repairable. you can get it welded.It will do like new. Hoping u all the best. Keep it on cycling..........                     BHIM RAJ GOYAL, BARNALA, (Pb)

jaan se Marooge kya lerke ko???????

It’s non repairable item, because any of the fork body parts if broken it’s never repairable *here it’s your fork crown it’s such a Major holding devise of the total fork system to frame and its single piece forged heat treated hi strength aluminium alloy dopped  so if you heat you will get fatigue and de tempered soft material more prone to break, so its never wieldable or repairable, at the same time it factory press fit zone so noway, you need a new mercy man…it’s may life and death question brother don’t try to get adjustment..otherwise your chin with 32white wicket will gone ...also forks are micro fit, broken/bend fork never smooth like new.

Hii Hill Storm !!!

Thank yo for the advice, i hve decided to buy a new one ..cheers :D

Thanks Bhim...but i hve decided to replace it with new one :)



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