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For developing into a long distance cyclist, what is important : Cadence or Speed? 

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I'd say Cadence, always. Important too, since it ensures your knees don't get shot. You need to practise holding >90 rpm for extended periods. The one example where Speed matters, would obviously be in Track events, where you anyways cannot control cadence.


Cadence is a matter of technique - you train it for all types of riding.    There is nothing specific about long distance cycling and cadence.

Speed - what about it?   How will increasing your maximum speed from XX to YY help you cover long distance better?

In any case, don't over-think it:   just ride.   Build up your weekly mileage and do at least one long ride a week (30-50% of your weekly mileage), also gradually increasing the distance of this long ride as well.

a little too late to reply....but for long distance cycling managing your heart rate is more important 60% of mhr



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