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Hey, doesnt seem like theres much going on here. We have the largest bunch of members right!! ?

Could not complete my 300BRM on time on sunday and now I want to do small rides in the morning. I live at Bombay Central. I'd like to ride to nariman point and then back up malabar hill.

Tell me asap if anyone is interested.

My number is 9819680542


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Plan to meet gideon and Puneet and jal at worli at 615 am and ride some distance with them and turn back so as to reach Bandra at 730.Anyone else coming??? I will start from Linking road Khar Citibank at 530 sharp.

Sure thanks Jal. Will call you or puneet.Right now five more cyclists have all promised to ride along tomorrow-Javier ,Darrel,Rushi,Parag and Aparna,.Each will turn back as per their return deadlines.
We start at 530 am sharp from Citibank Linking Road.
Others please feel free to join us tomorrow .More the merrier .cheers! Rama
Will try and join in at haji ali.. approx what time? (9819746443).
we should be at hali ali within 15 mins of meeting rama at worli, so 6:30 at Haji Ali?
Jal-I think that's a great idea.
Just loving it.
Look forward to C u guys tomorrow.
Great Idea Jal.
@Rama we'll wait for you at Worli Sea Face
@Abhishek you could try riding to other parts of the town once in a while. Come and join us @ Sea Face.
@puneet: Yes thats a good idea. I dont know about mahim church, but will definitely try and hit worli sea face. If you do not see me there, I will come to haji ali. Are you guys planning via tardeo-nana chowk or peddar road?
in any case gideon or puneet , i will be in touch on phone.
@Abhishek...the plan is to turn back at Sea Face and go to Mahim Church, where we'll bid adieu to our Bandra/Juhu friends and proceed back to Haji Ali.
inshallah will be 6:15 at sea face sea link end.

shubh ratri shabba khair.
sorry guys. i was up and ready but baby woke up ahead of schedule and i had to be around.
yes , i am interested....
@Jal you're very right, the kms just keep getting higher when you're in a group.

Sorry I couldnt make, it, was too busy, will meet you tomorrow at worli sea face again like the other day.



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