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I was searching google  earth. There is a road from Shahapur, Thane to Bandardara via Sakurli, Ghat Ghar, Kalsubai. Near ghat ghar the road shows inclination of 72%. It is a state High way. But how can this be? Has any one on this network done this section previously? If yes please enlighten  me about the ground facts. I feel some thing is wrong. No vehicle will climb this steep a slope. A particular stretch of a kilometre or so is showing inclination of 40% plus. Going on to increase to 72%. I am puzzled. Just after this part a road leaves for Ratangad on right.

Within a fortnight I am going to visit it just out of curiosity. Any takers?

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Google-earth data is not always correct. Maybe it is seeking elevations at co-ordinates which are not on the road. Switch to satellite view and see if you can spot anything that looks a road in that region.

At the mark of 5.27miles the altitude is 1302'. At the distance of 5.72miles the altitude is 2373'. So the distance travelled is 0.45miles that is 2376'. For this distance the altitude rises by 1072'. By simple calculation the inclination is 45% over all. At 5.27mile and 5.72mile mark the inclination is 20%. So there had to be a stretch on this road which is inclined at 65% at least. 

Let me see when I visit that stretch in a fortnight if this is true. If it is then I will walk down not ride the bike for sure.

Worst part is it is a straight road along a ridge. Even walking up will be a hard task.

I did not under stand the part about relative elevation, Meghan. Please explain.

I dont have G-earth so cant comment on the miles marks. but from Vasali phata to Bari there is a climb (~5kms). BUt i think given the experience you have you'll be able to manage it. And dont worry you'll enjoy the stretch cause its has nice greenery around (if it still exists)

Regards the elevation calculation, let me see if i can pull out something, cause i also want it for some other reason.

Lele kaka,

Though I am not sure of the % incline, but it could be true. After Ghoti, nr Ghat ghar there is a small section of ghat till village Bari. it is pretty inclined at some spot. I havent been there cycling but in a vehicle.

and regards elevation, from what i read its relative to 45deg(if thats right). 70% means 70% of 45deg.

No.  Isn't possible.



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