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Can one of my expert friends on the forum help me out with their opininon!

I am an inspector in a central govt. police deptt. Took the bike very recently for fitness and plan to make cycling part of my life style. Am now 100+ kgs. Plan to trim down with this new passion. Plz advice me on ACT110 and whether it suits for a 106kgs and 5ft 11inch guy, else I'll pass it on to my cousin who's also seriously into cycling these days and is lighter than me(75kg - 5ft 7inch) & paln for a more suitable one, only in case ACT 110 is an incorrect choice. Looking forward to valuable comments from dear expert friends on the Cyclists' Network.

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Don't know about the Al version but steel(ACT110S) should work just fine
or else u can go for gt aggressor or cannodale for an mtb i should work wonders

You should be fine. Just make sure you inflate the tires to 80 psi. Low tire pressure can result in rim damage if you hit a pothole. The frame should be fine.


I have heard of the seat post of the ACT 110 failing. So, you might consider getting an upgrade anyhow.

first of all, congrats on your decision! wish more people on the force would follow your example... 

the ACT110 is a good bike for your stated purpose - general fitness and weight loss... also, the frame-fork is sturdy enough... so if your concern is about its capability to bear a 100-kg weight, dont worry... one thing, though... it might be a good idea to replace the seat post with a higher quality one... 

since you are tall and big-built, I hope you have picked up the right frame size... "L" (large) - ie, an 19.5-inch frame... but even if it's an "M" (medium), it's ok as long as you don't plan to do really long rides...

check the tyre pressure range (it's embossed on the tyre itself)... keep it filled towards the mid-to-upper end of that range...   

need any further clarifications? feel free to call me on 9820-636364... 

Hi Kalyan, welcome to the club of Cyclists.

I also represent 100+ group & ride bike 4 days a week.

Do not worry as far as "Load Bearing" capacity of the bike is concerned.

The modern bikes ( & even the Kala Ghodas - i. .e traditional bikes) can sustain load upto 120 kgs.

Stop worrying. Enjoy riding.



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