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Dear Friends,


I wish to commute with my cycle all around Mumbai. Since I'm new to city commuting, could you please suggest measures to the following:


1. Essential things to carry

2. Solving the problem of heat and perspiration

3. Tackling pollution

4. Any other issues and rules to keep in mind


Please do share your experience and knowledge in this matter.


Thank you so much in advance! :)

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i feel water and a helmet are the most important....a taillight for night time to cycle is morning time.....cooler, less pollution n less traffic.....or buy a pollution mask....although i find them a bit expensive at 3000 bucks....cycle on the left hand lane as much as possible....

Thank you so much for your suggestions, Dylan. Do you think the pollution masks are worth the price? This is what I use. Cheap and efficient. Also costs just 60 bucks and the cheaper ones are available too. And I guess you already know where to get this, right next to the McDonalds, C.S.T.


Great insights, Jal!


I have a few queries:

Where can I get health bars and Enerzal? How do I use Enerzal?

And do you think scarfs can be as effective as pollution masks? it all comes down to the immune system? Interesting. I think I should then wait for my body's response to pollution :)


Thank you..they are mainly for boosting energy right?


And Enerzal again, is just for instant energy na? :)

Hi Parth,

Enerzal, offers instant energy (glucose) and sustained energy (sucrose). This helps a person to recover faster, work longer and perform better. Enerzal also replaces five vital body salts (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Chloride) lost due to sweat and urination. These salts prevent muscle cramps and help in the smooth functioning of the body.

Visit for your queries related to Hydration and nutrition.

I dont believe that it all comes down to ur immune system.According to me ur immune system whether strong or weak has a breaking point.

Finally the pollution will overpower ur immune system and render u sick.

I had a bout with bronchitus last year.i would ride approx 40km everyday.I was doing all well and then suddenly i began to have respiratory problems.Got myself checked and found +ve for bronchitus.i blamed my ever polluted evening rides in the city for this.I refrain from late evening rides now.

Scarfs dont do too much but theyr defnitely better than nothing.

However there are these pollution masks available in the market with filters,and ive used them before and are dirt cheap but defnitely effective.

They cost somewhere between 20-100 Rs.My cousin was on the comapny marketing team so she gave me few samples to try out.

il show url sometime.

hey if its not a problem id love to see them as well....cant afford the other options ive seen

sure!!! not many can afford those fancy ones.

Will show url guys soon.

We city cyclists require masks.

+1 to all that Jal has written.


Be careful of Autorickshaw drivers - they can be very unpredictable. If you're riding clipless, you have to be extra careful.


I keep several changes of clothes in my Office, so I don't have to carry clothes every day. I change over from Biking clothes to work clothes after a quick wash when I get to work.


I use a thin baseball cap (not the thick cotton ones) under my helmet, and moisten it with cold water before I set out on my commute. Keeps the head cool longer. Same thing for my cycling vest. I spray a generous amount of cold water on it before I set off. Works something like the evaporative cooling vests advertised here 


I also keep a couple of Nature Valley Granola bars in case of emergency hunger pangs - although I guess Horlicks or others would be the same.


If a "Hobby Cyclists" or "Professional Cyclists" then the best time to cycle on Mumbai's roads is before sun-rise, preferrably 0500hrs or before.The streets are absolutely empty, a cyclers paradise since i regularly cycle to Mahalaxmi race-course and back to Prabhadevi.If an "Adventure cyclist" then cycle during Mumbai's peak traffic hours where your ride would be akin to the adventure sport of "Bungy -jumping" or "White water rafting", hazardous and strenuous.Check my blogs on personal cycling experiences,  having about 2 decades of streeet cycling  hours on my roadometer.
the second recipe posted by Doc S is what Samim recommends too !



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