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Purpose - Join the ride from Kolkata upto Delhi in January 2009 – to question our over-reliance on fossil fuel and highlight the solutions that exist.

Date - 17 January - 4 February 2009 (Bike Ride)

Mission - In the pursuit to a cleaner safer prosperous future, we are embarking on a bicycle ride to save Ourselves

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p.s. - its an unorganised ride with no sponsorors or medical support. Only faquir's out there to Discover - To seek Answers and to question our reliance on fossil fuel and find Respect - For Self and everything and everyone around. Highlight the solutions that exist.

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Very nice initiative...

I wish i could ride along with you all. But as of now i cannot.
Spreading the word would be great as well!
Interesting plan, though, do you think this kind of a ride will really point out this viable method of transportation to people? For travelling ultra long distance I would never consider bicycles. Now if it is travelling within the city that we are discussing, I am all for it. But I am not sure this kind of a marathon ride over 19 days will make anyone think this is a do-able activity for regular individuals.

Firstly, from the above plan, this seems like a very slow way of getting around- which within a city, it is not, owing to traffic jams that slow down cars. Secondly, the distance is so much, that ordinary people who in any case feel that cycling is a huge effort, will think these are riders in top physical shape who are planning on riding on and on for 19 days.

To me, this sounds more like a fun adventure (I am definitely tempted myself though it is unthinkable because of office) rather than a ride with message.

Sorry if I sound cynical, but that is the way I look at it.
Hi Prabuddha..

No we are definately not trying to prove that people should start riding long distance - or we would not be taking the train back from delhi to kolkata :)

We are riding with the campaign why new coal - we intend to spread the word along the ride and on online communities and media.. Do take some time to go through our campaign at We can talk - if you are interested and sure we are in it for the adventure..
I went through the website partly. What I could make out was that this site claims that if we are to reduce CO2 emissions, coal emissions are the most polluting and therefore, vital to reduce.

So you want to use a non-polluting means to visit people across the country and inform them about this. The cycling part is an additional feature.

Am I understanding this right? If so, all the best to you and all the other riders.

Later, I shall also try and learn from the site what you shall suggest as the alternative means of generating power- maybe wind, waves or solar power?

All the best to the effort, again.



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