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I have a Btwin Riverside that a ride on roads and tracks on the Nilgiris. Most of my rides are on less frequented trails, before day break.
Given my choice of routes and time, I think I should carry a pouch with some essential tools and spares. Some suggestions please.

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1. Phone

2. Puncture repair kit or two tubes.

3. Pump

4. Money
Thanks Aaron. Any good kit that you can purchase online?
- Try and get the kit by Decathlon.
If you find that too expensive, just get the mini-pump & tyre levers online, and buy the patches and glue from any local store.
- If you learn how to open the tyres without tyre levers, then you don't require the tyre levers.
I have a decathlon multi tool. Can that remove the tyre? I already have a mini pump.
No, I don't think that will do the job, it will only cause more punctures with it's sharp ends.
There are two types of tyre levers, one is the metal ones used by LBSs and another is plastic ones which are smaller and more compact.
It is usually advised not to use the metal ones on alloy wheels because they might damage them, although I don't know how true this is for a hybrid. (Carbon wheels are another topic)
I personally think you should carry a spare tube, it is not bulk and you can get on with your cycling.
Fix the puncher at home or destination in peace and that becomes ur spare till next time.
A very good point raised.
But, one still needs to find out where the initial puncture occurred, and remove the cause of it (assuming that it is still stuck in the tyre, even if not, it's still good to check). Upon doing this, one has already done half the process that is done in puncture repairing. Hence after that, one just needs to scrape the tube and apply a patch along with glue.
Adding to that, what if the spare tube also gets a puncture?

This is what i carry

1] Tyre leaver  - 02 - I have the metal ones- you get them for Rs 15 bucks each. I use them on both alloy and steel rims

2] Puncture plast stickers  and glue , sandpaper - You can buy them from your local vendor 

3] Valve remover ( for schrader valve)

4] Mini pump

5] Spare Tube if I am doing more than 25kms of ride, I do not carry a spare tube if its a short ride.

6] Super B allen key set which also has a chain remover

7] 14g spoke wrench ( only on cycle tour)

8] Spanner if you have any nuts and bolts on your bike

9] A saddle bag to fit most of these things, some will have to be carried separately.

Vinni, isn't all that a bit heavy and some like the multi-tool a bit unnecessary for commute purposes (I would have put the valve opening tool also but, that depends on every one).
- Normally MTB and hybrid tyres are quite lose fitting and can be opened with our bare hands.
- For touring, don't you think having both, the puncture repair kit and a pair of spare tubes is a bit better/safer?

Nothing is heavy Aaron, Of course it goes without saying that i dont carry all this stuff on local commute of 5 to 10 kms. This is SOS kit for any case. Valve remover is just 12 to 15 gms in weight.

I mostly do 45kms plus at a time and sometimes over 100 kms at one go hence i carry stuff, you never know when you may need it. I have been at the receiving end a few times which has made me wiser now.



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