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Does anyone know where one can get crescent-shaped saddles... ?


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Try trek showroom at thane.
I don't even know what saddle this is. Unicycles use a curved saddle. But I doubt you are reddering to something like that.
Hi Anil. I too had the same thoughts as Prabhuda. However I decided to do some research. Found a sample of a 'Cresent shaped saddle'. The highlight(s) is/are that I found a whole lot of interesting stuff about cycles. Some innovative, some weird. Makes interesting reading though.

Chek it out on this link
Mahesh, I think this is what Anil was referring to, right Anil? I am only afraid every time I brake to a halt, I might drop off the saddle. :D
Whoa! that definitely was interesting stuff! :)
Thanks, Mahesh... that's what I was looking for... But USD 85 is a bit steep for a saddle, dont u think? esp'ly when converted to INR (that's 4000 bucks!)
Yeah, Prabuddha, that "butt-sliding-on-braking" syndrome is def'ly worth considering... :-)
But guys, the design intrigues me.... cos i'd expected the crescent ends to be facing forwards, not backwards!
I agree Anil, as I read the article Mahesh had pointed to, I made a mental image of the saddle, but when I saw the photo, it was pointing just the other way. I was surprised.
Check out this link. Good info on ergonomics - saddles included. The graphics are really cool.



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