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Cycle suggestion for a starter within a range of 25k (Bangalore)

Hey guys i am being very much leaned towards usage of cycle these days. I am planning to buy one and stuck in selecting . As im new to this please suggest me a good bike, either hybrid or MTB (whats the difference).

I may use it for 10 - 15 km per day and very rarely go for a long distance.

Im 175cm tall , 95 weight and 23 year old from bangalore.

My price range is 25k

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- First thing is that a hybrid is basically a road bike with partially fatter tyres (but the diameter of the wheel is the same as a road bike's wheel), a non-aggressive setup of a MTB, along with a flat handlebar, and lower gear ratios as compared to that of a road bike, and generally come with front suspension (but there are some without front sus.). The bigger wheel of a hybrid gives more efficiency. Hybrids can be ridden on the very easy/flat trails
A MTB is purely made to be taken on much tougher trails, fat tyres, but the wheel diameter is smaller, hence isn't going to be efficient, and the extra wide tyres give excessive friction on the road, which is not necessary leading to slower ride and inefficiency.
- At a low price like this, you can either choose, a good frame with low end components (hybrid), or a good frame with a bit better components (MTB)
- If efficiency is main priority, then hybrid all the way. If your priority is good components, then MTB.
- I suggest that you visit the famous BOTS (Bums On The Saddle) store in Bangalore. They will be able to give/show you proper first hand experience/explanation and may even convince you to increase your budget.

Which one u feels its better and future proof?

 1) FUJI ABSOLUTE 2.1 2014

 2) MONTRA BLUES 1.2 2015

My vote goes to Fuji.
Reason:- not enough long term reviews on Montra Blues.

after visiting a shop im here with some list of bikes, pls do help me with it :)
 Giant Talon 5

 Giant revel

 Giant escape 3

 Giant Rome 3

 Merida matts 6.15 md

My mine intention of using bike is to reduce some weight .

- Giant Talon 4:

Has 27.5" wheels, decent components like the SRAM X4 shifters and SRAM X5 rear derailleur, along with a Preload adjuster and Lockout mechanism in the fork. But over all, it's a MTB, it isn't gong to be efficient on the road (that's you decision). Just ask the shop who is selling it if they also sell those tyres and tubes (and wheels too, in case of an accident).

- Giant Revel, which one? there are several models, you need to be a bit more specific.

- Giant Escape 3.

This is a hybrid, it's going to be efficient on the tarmac, with it's 32mm wide tyres, the absence of a front sus. means that it's lighter than the Giant Roam 3.

- Giant Roam 3:

Has a front sus. with lockout and preload adjuster. The Roam 3 has a higher gear ratio than the Escape 3, and the rear derailleur (Shimano Acera) is of a higher grade than that of the Escape 3 (Shimano Tourney). If comfort is your main opinion, then the Roam 3 has fatter 40mm tyres.

- Merida matts 6.15 md:

 26" wheels, has lower end drive train components as compared to the Talon, other wise most of it is similar to the Talon 5, both have a fork with 100mm travel with preload adjuster and lock out. Both have Mechanical Disc brakes. Big plus point I see with the Matts is that it has a double-butted frame.


Montra will fit in your budget also look for Btwin Riverside 3 at decathlon. Fuji Absolute 2.1 will go 30K plus. Since you are from Bangalore search in olx for some good deals. Medium size size frame will fit you well.



Hello Thushar,

We have a lot of bikes that would be suitable for you and within your budget giving you the best ride experience. We deal in various international high end brands at great prices and here are some of the bikes you might find fit for yourself.


All these bikes are imported build with best components like shimano gearing, kenda/maxxis tires, suntour/rockshox forks and many more. We have received a great response from our dealers. You could visit our website for our various bikes from road, city and mountain bikes and brands like Lapierre (France), Ghost (German), Haibike (German), Raleigh (UK), Upland (US & Taiwan) & Suncross (India) at You can visit our dealers or can directly contact us if you have any concern and hope that you find your best bike. 

@ Suncross
I was just a bit curious, I wish to clear my doubts.
I have noticed that the Raleigh Clubman being sold in U.S costs well above $1100, but in India it costs under Rs. 15000, why is this so?
And please do add information of the weight of each bike respectively, along with the sizes (in inches) available.
I wish to thank you for bringing in brands like LaPierre and Ghost.

Hello Aaron,

I appreciate your concern about the Raleigh Clubman Bike, in fact i would say that its a good question you have pointed out.

Reason why there is so much price difference in the US version and the Indian version is because Raleigh introduced the basic model of the Clubman series in India considering its market and if you compare the specifications of the Indian version with the one sold in US or rest of the International market you would find a lot of differences as the US version comes with expensive high end Shimano components whereas the Indian version comes with basic components. I am listing down some of the differences in the components of the US and Indian version, hope it helps


US version has Shimano Tiagra 2pc 34/50T

Indian version had Standard Alloy, 170MM (52-42T)

Bottom Bracket-

US version has Shimano External Bearing

Indian version had Standard Steel B.b set

Front Derailleur-

US version has Shimano Tiagra

Indian version Basic Shimano FD-A050 (7Speed, Double)

Rear Derailleur-

US version has Shimano Tiagra

Indian version had basic Shimano RD-A050 (7Speed)


US Shimano Tiagra 10 SPD STI

Indian Shimano SL-A050 7speed, Double


US Shimano BR-R317 Mechanical Road disc

Indian Promax with Cam & Barrel Adjuster

Hope that this comparison has the solution of your concern. If you have any other concerns please write to us as we would be more than happy to help you.

Have a great day.

man . you better explore here

you can find even the dealers here.



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