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i do beleive that cyclin is a good form of exercise and also we can do our bit to the global warming menace.
many of us would be cycling just for the sheer pleasure it offers.
stayin near national park does offer me this wonderful opportunity to cycle in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park but then we cyclists are not able to enjoy this opportunity to the fullest. one cannot enter the park before 7.30 am on a cycle and after 7.30 fee is Rs.20
i do not find any logical reason for not allowing the cyclists in the park before 7.30 as we do no harm to the nature and instead help in protecting it
lets fight for this right of ours and enjoy the beautiful serene surroundings of this wonderful park.

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100% agree, same issue..though I still go as its an excellent route. But they should let us go just like others, I dnt even mind the cost
If i know it correctly, till 7.30 only SGNP Runners members are allowed inside the park & that too at their own risk, since many venture till the Caves where there are a lot of wild animals that come during the mornings.

Once when I was riding in the park towards the caves at about 8am, a snake jumped from the bushes right before my front wheel, but fortunately nothing happened & it slithered back into the bushes... but had I been on foot things could have been different.

Also the officials have observed that many cyclists venture into the Silondia Trail without permissions...which actually leads to the Buffer Zone.... So there's actually some logic in the rules that are enforced, only thing required is to see it holistically.
I agree with Amit. Infact, I have digged out details of the authorities for SGNP and if we can have more support to the cause for cyclists, we can run a signature campaign and submit a request to the authorities.

It's not only for the benefit of the people like Amit who live near the National park, but also I have seen people from as far as powai visit this beautiful heritage in the morning.

I would request those interested in favour of opening the SGNP gates for cyclists, before 7:30 am to join hands and support the cause. Those not in favour can also help the interesteds achieve the cause.

More the merrier!!
like I said, it's not really safe inside the park before 7.30am...esp for cyclists venturing into the Trails.

We have to understand these things before starting a campaign etc. Let us look at things holistically before demanding anything.

Actually even Aarey isn't that safe in the early morning hrs.

Well if people want to cycle at the early morning hrs... the Highway is a better place to do so wider & better roads good for riding, great for training too. So why bother the SGNP Authorities with further burden of cyclists.... the road is all there to ride on.
@ Nehal, Atul, Amit
SGNP is at its blissful best in the early hours of the morning & depriving bikers to ride amidst the lap of nature is indeed sad.

I agree with all of you, allowing ppl with cycles before 7.30 inside the SGNP should be allowed, as we have noticed on several occations, the ratio of of bikers to walking/joggers is very negligible even after 7.30 am, so not allowing bikers early mornng is quite illogical is it is an eco friendly way of staying fit.

I guess we are all ears if there is any logical explanation frm the SGNP authorities on this decree..SGNP is indeed a precious ecological wealth & we all care..!!
I agree with you. I am also of the view that Matheran should be opened for cycling, where one can enjoy the nature while riding in peace. It will be a heaven for those who love off road rides.
@ kaushik
no offence meant but i dont agree with wat u hav to say
the pt u make is national park is unsafe for cyclists, i would like to bring to ur attention the sheer no of people who walk or jog in the national park in the early hours of morning.
to the best of my knowledge the park opens its gate to the morning walker/runners around 5am
my mom goes to national park everyday at 5.15am
the park is actually more crowded before 7.30am than it is at around 9am
regarding the trails its even accessible by people who walk/run

@rajesh i had spoken to a officer once. he said it is the walkers/joggers group who have a problem with cyclists comin before 7.30.

hope for a faster solution with the park
well That's exactly my point... The walkers are already overcorwding the park & already the authorities are having trouble over them, to that add the cyclists. Let us cut them some slack.

the trails are accessible by walkers; but cyclist can go further on those trails ... even we have once ventured quite deep into that trail... and very early morning may not be a very sensible riding there.

Also who knows the authorities must have definitely thought about cyclists but the Walkers may not be wanting irrate cyclists spoiling their Jog.

All I say is before we start a campaign business we should talk to them & understand their part of the story, that's it.

Signature campaign is meant only to submit a request to the authorities, so as to make them aware of the people interested in the cause. No one will pay to heed to one or two people talking to the authorities.

We need to have strong support and backing from the aspiring early morning SGNP riders, which will help put some weight behind what is to be achieved or else we need to have special contacts. If you know anybody who can get us to the authorites, please let us know.

As far as the risk concerned with riding early morning, it will be the same as faced by walkers.



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