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I started cycling a year and a half back. On one of the special days, I asked by Dad for a cycle and he agreed, not knowing that there are cycles in market which cost more than a two wheeler. Well he kept the promise and bought the 3700. What I am going to share here is what I have experienced both while cycling and while doing meditation. One think is sure to say that it was much easier while cycling.

One of very old techniques of yoga is Kriya Yog. Not going into details, its a series of breathing exercises that takes you into the journey of spiritual growth. All this and many more yogic techniques are based on breathing and keeping your mind free of thoughts.

While cycling long distances, after the first hour, I was out of thoughts. As important as all of you know, finding a rhythm while cycling is so very essential. After that, slowly, I started approaching a point when, there felt a connection between the breathing and everything around, like wind, motion of the leaves etc...

For a lay man, with breathing exercising going on full force with no thoughts at all, what more is meditation. I always think that even after cycling for several kms, why is that you are always fresh when you reach the destination.

More to come.

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I agreed that.. coz even I'm also into meditation n all, but I have never try doing it while cycling..Kriya Yoga is something that you can do anywere like walking, traveling, listening music, watching tv etc..
hi shrirang, i am not into meditation, but i completly agree with u that so far in my breif cycling sojorns, i feel completely connected to the earth & the "original source" if i might add on a more spiritual level. The wind gushing across yur face, the labour of love to keep on peddaling & the cyclist's streak to find & discover the unbeatan path or trail which will dock himself with the elements of nature all sums up to complete experience.
I am pretty new to cycling and not pushing all that hard at the moment.
But I can't agree more, after you cross that "bridge" there is lots of peace and calmness on the other side.
I know it by experience, when I used to run on treadmill. First few miles I used to struggle, but once I reach that stage, I could keep on going endlessly. Ah, those were the golden days :)



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