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I wonder why most of the active and largest cycling groups are from Mumbai and Pune and very few from Bangalore ?

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I am not sure bout Mumbai but Pune has the highest number of two wheelers in the country even if you don't count the number of people who commute on bicycles l. Riding two wheelers is probably in their genes :)

Poor public transport and two wheeler revolution has led to this situation in Pune.

I lived in Pune and surely can say that not seen such a enthu people than this. Once they love something around, it started promoting a a days, it has become a style statement amongst people to have a imported cycle.

Ofcourse IT has helped and boost cycling in Pune, bcoz they promoted cycling there with lots of prizes, cycle day in a week, special parking inside premises etc...

thats why Pune is topper in cycle groups....

one more reason for cycling hub is 'enduro' event there.

Hi Basab sir,

Lets start one more here in Bangalore.

What do u say??



I cannot ride extensively like you young guys do, but would like to join the fun. If you plan a long trip in a group and need a support vehicle, I can drive the vehicle while the owner can join the bikers. Count me in!!!!

Annual Enduro competition is the biggest reason why Pune is one of the great cycling hub in India. IT companies also promote cycling among their employees.

(Mitra, IT-madhale kiti lok agadi niyamit-pane cycle-war office la jatat?)

Traditionally, Pune and entire Maharashtra is filled with fitness and endurance loving (also 'Exhibiting') people from all age groups. Pune was a cyclist city long ago but it lost the status after automobile revolution especially two wheelers. Still, there are few enthusiastic and hardcore cyclists in city and they are building momentum for modern day cycling. Regularity is the key element for being called as 'Active' in something.

Half of the modern cyclists are drawn to this activity only because of sophisticated models available in local markets. At large percentage, cycling has become style statement among youngsters than active care for health and environment. I see many school going boys with costly (more than 15K) geared and odd sized bicycles even if they drive it over a distance of 1 KM or so on daily basis. What's the point?

Recently, I migrated to Chennai from Pune (in January 2014). Surprisingly, I see more cyclists in Chennai than Pune. Unlike Pune, many married young women also use a bicycle as medium of transport. Girls and women from Pune (or other parts of India) need to learn something from this for sure.

Sir, I am from Delhi, NCR also has a big group, on FB u can see 5 Cycling groups active in Delhi,Noida and Gurgaon...



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