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Hi Cyclists,

Some Cycle as Passion, Some for fun, Some for Sports, Some to Commute & Some because they don't have any other alternative. They need to push it hard empty Stomach & do peddling for there family's Stomach. They are people around us, serving us for different services, directly or indirectly using Cycle. They are never considered as environment friendly even they never burnt a single drop of petrol/ diesel to commute. They are Part of our cycling community. Cycling is Hobby of Rich & Art of Poor. The tough art, they need to perform always, sometime under encroaching sun, heavy rain & chilling cold only on Cycle. Lets meet People for whom Cycling is a Weapon for Struggle of life,


Pankaj Sisodiya

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(_) \(_)... Live Strong

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very nice foto documentary...

tcre.. dhaval
Spooky, but i thought about it this morning :)

nice pictures.
Hi Pankaj,

Very nice documentary.

Looking at your photos, I felt like adding a few photos about cycle rickshaws I recently took in Varanasi.
Hi Pankaj,

Thanks. Can you send me these 2 photos by email at


Pankaj Sisodiya



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