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hi guys

i know i've been away a while.. just about resumed cycling a month ago after a 9-10 month hiatus. and now i've come from mumbai to b'lore for a 2 month summer internship. brought a decent amount of stuff but unfortunately, couldn't bring my bike with me.

long story short, i need a bike here. i'd rather rent one if there are any decent rentals around? or if someone in b'lore has a spare bike they're not using, i'd be glad to rent it off you for 2 months. obviously i'd look after it as if it were mine.

there are 2 problems with buying a bike here - 1) i dont really have the money for the kind of bike i'd like to buy 2) it'll be hard getting it back to mumbai when i head back mid-june.

any help/suggestions?
also, can anyone give me coordinates of good bike shops in blore? i'd like to check them out when i have a chance.

thanks a bunch.


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I think you'll find it more appropriate to post this on these two Bangalore specific groups :
Bikeszone isnt Bangalore-specific, fyi.
@ Vandit, yeah, agree - could have worded it differently. Its certainly not Bangalore specific.
@Taroon : You can also try here :
Trek 3700 : 250 bucks/day - ok for a day or two maybe - two months could cost as much as buying a bike.
Haven't tried out, so cannot offer any feedback.
try . i hv just returned last week after biking with them in waynad. they can suggest options. check my blog on the trip...
yea man! i found CFL and also a couple of rentals on BOTS - but all are 250-300bucks/day??! thats kinda insane! could probably get a motorcycle for that much!



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