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it is almost two months that I have started cycling to office in Pune - three days a week - 40 kms to n fro. My route - Nigdi - Chincwad - Pimpri - Dapodi - Khadkai Bazar - Bombay Sappers - Yerawada bridge - Koregaon Park.


The journey to office in the morning is always a pleasant ride. But it's harrowing experience every evening, while returning. Pune traffic shows utmost disregard for traffic rules & I find traffic police hapless & helpless. It is always frustrating to cycle in evenings on the return journey on the streets of Pune. Not only two wheelers but even cars also being driven to extreme edges of the roads. But one carries on because of extreme love & joy of cycling.

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I share your thoughts. Have been cycling from Senapati Bapat Road to Dhole Patil road for the last two months. The traffic sense in Pune is horrible to say the least. There is utter disregard for traffic signals especially by motorbike riders. Sadly, the traffic police just stands and watches doing nothing.

Of course, as you said, nothing can beat the joy of cycling.

You are right Malcolm.


Interstingly, I have found that at many chowks, when you stop for a traffic signal to turn green, other vehicle riders insist you should jump signal. Typical dialogue is " अहो तुम्ही सायकल चालवताय. सिग्नल कश्याला पाळता? जा  निघून आरामात!!!!!!!!!!!" ( You are on cycle. You need not wait for signal!!!!!!!!)  - people assume that no rules are there for cyclists.





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