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Cyclocomputer or Bike computer Problem. Need guidance !!!

I was using a Sigma BC 1609 wired bike computer for last one year and it was working perfect fine and the performance was great even in the minus temperatures and rainy seasons. After using it for an year i needed to change the cell(batter). I bought the same capacity and specified battery but within 15days the bike computer was showing low battery and then it went off. Totally dead. same problem is faced by another cyclist Vaibhav Desai. So i want to know if anyone have any idea or faced n cured this problem. I dont want to buy a new bike computer but as i dont have a GPS or a high ned Navigator kinda mobile so it helps me a lot while touring by making me aware of the speed and distance and works for me a substitute for GPS :P:P so plz guys let me know if you have any idea. Or else i have to buy a new cyclocomputer or have to ride without it for next 2000 km on uncharted routes which is a little problem for me :(:( need your help S.O.S :)

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Make sure you are buying the battery of a reputed brand and it is not fake or Chinese material. Also ensure the year / month of manufacturing. Buy something which is newly manufactured. Most of the times the batteries we purchase are dead. Try and see if it resolves your issue.
I was using cyclocomputer of Beta 2 gave me good service for 2-2 1/2 years now meter is ok but sensor is not working even wire contunity is ook problem  of SENSOR. please guide
I Am using my iphone 4 as meter using cyclemeter apps 
These cyclocomputers work by using the magnetic field created by a Magnet fixed on the wheel. So in case u want to diagonise, alway put a magnet near the sensor and remove it, and keep doing it again and again. If a reading is shown there is something wrong with the magnet or the proximity of the Magnet to the sensor. For most computers the wiring is build ready by the manufacturer, however if there are wiring lugs which need to be fixed into the sockets of the cyclo cage, make sure that these make good contact, else they may not give u a reading.
As soon as you put a new Battery in the cyclo, it should show the current time ( if you have set it ). When you fix the cyclo into the cage (fixed on your cycle), this reading shall change to some other reading pertaining to speed, distance etc.  If it does not, there seems to be a contact problem with your Cage or some wiring problem.  So you have to diagonise it arrive where the malfunction is.  Best of Luck with ur problem solving and anyhow now the cyclos are cheap in the Sub Rs 500/- range u get a good 1.
Thanks for the replies but the problem is not with a loose wiring and all, I was also attended by the Sigma guys they told me tht i have to once again check it with a Sony 2032 Cell lets see how much it work this time and also told me tht if the backlight was on....then also battery can run down very fast or in 7/8 days. Thanks to everybdy :)



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