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Can anybody tell me is there any cyclometer available within Rs500?

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Fomas for INR 300


Fomas for 290 bucks is good and guess what its rain-proof too, had  one a long time back and survived the rains.

Friends, thank you very much for your informations on Cyclometer .... 

Jaimon, I tried in the Decathlon website, but I think that is for the bulk purchasers. Lots of documents require to fill the form. Is there any other options you know or any other websites where I can purchase this product?

Try they are the authorized retailers of Decathlon, check this link -

Vinni, I want a cyclometer within 5oo bucks. Some friends suggested Fomas cyclometer, but I am not getting that in any website. If you hv any idea then pls inform me. 

U know im not sure how effective function wise an under 500 cyclocomp will be, My advice to u will be to save up some more money and buy a decent one, its a one time investment.

As per your advice which one is good ?

I own a Sigma one and hence can only recommend them, but I also know that Cateye, Bontrager are also other popular brands but in the expensive range.

The link that I sent earlier even that cyclocomp looks decent and I believe its for Rs590 or 600 so ur not stretching ur budget by too much.  Sigma; the lowest one you will get for Rs1000 I believe. At the end of the day what really matters is why u need the comp, if u need it for show then buy any one, but if u need it for data then seriously save some more money and buy a good one. You even get Cyclocomp with Cadence.

Hey there 

If you have a GPS enabled android phone u dont even need a cyclometer. Just download app from




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