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Early morning weekday rides to S.Mumbai from Khar-please join in


Been doing daily morning rides for several weeks now.
have realised that my happiest days are when I have a good 30 odd kms behind me before the start of the day.
With just a few weeks of summer remaining ,have decided to start every morning at 530am and ride southward -ideally upto NCPA or the gateway.
Glad for any company riding with me for any part of the way.
Tentative route=mahim causeway,shivaji park,worli sea face,haji ali,wilson college,ncpa and back to khar via  the same or a parallel route.
The exact route can always be tweaked to meet up and rie together with someone.
Anyone who can and is able to join in do RSVP back.

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Hi Rama,
I would be very happy to join you on the weekends. I live at kings Circle and my number is 9820911056. The only thing is, I have just begun cycling and am very slow. I will join you happily but, I don't want to slow you down.
hi rama.

what time do u reach shivaji park. i can join in from matunga on some days. by what time are you back.
my # is 9820608170
@ Hema-great , could always ride via king's circle on the day you wish to join in.Don't worry about speed-I prefer a comfortable even pace with minimal length stops.
@jay/mulraj-this morning I started slightly late-at 610 from Khar,was at Haji ali at 635 and NCPA at 658 and back home by 810-no stops
would be great if you could join up tomorrow.
I would like to start by 545 latest from Khar-shivaji park 20 minutes later and worli after another 10 minutes
Sorry Jal-don't know how I goofed up on your name.
Mulraj can I meet you at the CafeCoffeeDay at the corner of shivaji park and Cadell road-I am not sure if I have ridden with you before,.I wear a black and yellow helmet-so you'll recognise me.
c ya guys.
Hi Rama,
Will you be going for a ride on saturday morning? would love to join, if you are. Can you send me your number?
@Hema will most probably go to Aarey on Saturday-not confirmed yet.
@Jal-will meet you at worli 615 tomorrow
@mulraj wanna join in ?
@Rama and Jal - Sorry guys! Just realized i'm working tomo won't be able to make it :( But next saturday will certainly join you guys
oh ya, cool :)
Thanks Jal! Enjoyed this morning's ride with you.had a good ride back and got back by 815 like i wanted to.
off to Mnori tomorrow morning.
Hey guys!Plan to restart these rides again from tomorrow.
Please do join in enroute or for any part of the ride.
Jal,,Mulraj,hema....hope you are reading this



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