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Exercises for improving stamina/endurance required for long distance (100 km+) cycling


What kind of exercises should an individual pick-up in order to build the kind of stamina/endurance that is required for long distance cycling events.

Please note that my query is not so much about about the warm-up exercises before an event but more to do with the kind of exercises which, while becoming part of the individuals' fitness regime/lifestyle, also help him/her develop physical/mental stamina required for endurance(long distance) cycling events.

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You may consider squats on regular basis. Properly done squats obviously help to build your leg muscles (including your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves), but they also create an anabolic environment, which promotes body-wide muscle building.


I have done my BRM 200 and several 100+ KM ride based on squats. I am also preparing for BRM300 by mainly focusing on Squats.

Thanks Akhilesh :)

Here is a Site that can help answer your questions -

Happy Cycling


Thanks Vinni :)

I have done delhi to shimla in 4 days 500 kms.. for that I prepared my body for 8 days and my schedule was as follows
1 day 40 km cycling and my ususal 1 hour running
2 day only 1.5 hour running with sprints and strides
3 day 40km cycling with 1 hour ususal running
4day complete rest.
5 day 80 km cycling and regular running of one hour (very normal running session)
6 day 100 km cycling and one hour good running session
7 day 100 km cycling and one hour running with lot of extra effort
After that two days complete rest and then you are good to go.. but here I would mention that I was already a good athlete. If you are already not into athletics you have to start working hard on your fitness (running, squats, sprints and strides) run a lot eat healthy food and drink lot of water. I hope it will help happy riding! Cheers!



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