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Its been 2 years since i had created my profile on this website and posted questions on buying a cycle but I could not due to some reason. But finally today I am getting back to the cycling world. I faintly remembered that I had created a profile on some website and after hours of brainstorming I remembered the website and also the password to my surprise. Guess I can surely say WHERE THERE IS A CYCLE (Will) THERE IS A WAY....

Guys I need help in buying my 1st cycle since adulthood. I am looking at a maximum of 20K. I want it for city riding and fitness.

I humbly request you all to give me your valuable recommendations along with a few reasons so that I can take an educated decision.

Thank you all.

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Visit Decathlon at Thane, do a test ride.

@ Himanshu - Test ride but which cycle?

My Details: Height 5.8' Ft Weight - 73 kgs.

Need suggestion guys plz help me.........

1. RockRider vtt 300, steel, leisure MTB (10k)
2. RR 340, alloy, leisure MTB (~15k)
3. RR 500, alloy, a bit more tougher, flat trail worthy (~20k)
4. Riverside 500, hybrid, Alloy, not trail worthy (~20k).
MTB size M, 19".
Hybrid 51-53cm, I think 53cm will do better, but test ride all.

@ Aaron thank you so much... I was actually waiting for your reply...Reading your replies in other discussions I wanted your advice in first place....

RR 500 is this the one??

Off the lot you suggested i liked RR 500 however Riverside 500 does not have color options.

@ Aaron lets say I extend my budget to 25K what options do I have? I am considering the same

First tell me,
1. Why are you giving a thumbs down to the Riverside because of it's colour? No other reason?
2. Are you going to be riding to far off places (above 10km)?
If yes, because you are willing to spend 25k, I suggest that you spend 3k on a good pair of cycling shorts (these are padded made with lycra, local ones are not padded, made of cotton, cost around 400bucks, your choice), and 2k on a helmet, while 20k on the bike.
If no, well, I'll tell that later.

@ Aaron - Riverside thumbs down because of the color.

N what you suggested for the gear makes sense. Point taken.

In your other posts you have mentioned light, cheap, strong: Choose twoI want something light because I stay on the 2nd floor and I will have to carry the cycle up n down and my building stair case is curved and anyone would choose light and strong.

What should be the ideal thing according to you?

1. Let me try and change your mind, the Riverside is going to me much more efficient on the road as compared to the RR 500.
2. The main objective of that sentence is that if you have a low budget, you will get a basic frame (steel with no gears and a threaded headset is the very basic), on increase in budget, you get a better frame (a.k.a lighter while maintaining or increasing strength) and better components.
3. I don't know how/what your build is, but for me, my cheap low end 15kg bike is not too heavy. Hence a 12.5-13kg is definitely going to be much lighter.
4. If still it feels a bit heavy, the front wheels of these bikes come with quick release skewer, just open the lever and the wheel drops out, that should lower the bike's weight by ~1kg, and then you can carry it up, is a big plus for storage also, less space occupied, but you need to learn how to fasten it securely.

Do I have any other option in Hybrid?

Want to keep my options open.

What's your take on MONTRA BLUES 1.1(2014) & 1.2(2015)?

Like I have said for Montra Rock 1.1, same for all of Montra's bikes.

May I also suggest, with a huge pinch of salt (because I have not read many reviews except 2 or 3 long term ones) Montra Rock 1.1, although you are getting a better deal with RockRider 500 (better components). But, some people find the RockRider frame too aggressive for a starter/beginner.

But, a test ride, after a basic bike fit will tell you a lot. 



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