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Its been 2 years since i had created my profile on this website and posted questions on buying a cycle but I could not due to some reason. But finally today I am getting back to the cycling world. I faintly remembered that I had created a profile on some website and after hours of brainstorming I remembered the website and also the password to my surprise. Guess I can surely say WHERE THERE IS A CYCLE (Will) THERE IS A WAY....

Guys I need help in buying my 1st cycle since adulthood. I am looking at a maximum of 20K. I want it for city riding and fitness.

I humbly request you all to give me your valuable recommendations along with a few reasons so that I can take an educated decision.

Thank you all.

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Any option in other brands such as the following:

1. Schwinn

2. GT

3. Fuji

4. Scott

5. Giant

6. Mongoose

7. Trek

1. Not worth it, better components on RR 500.
2. I think there is GT Aggressor, but low end gears.
3. Fuji Nevada 1.2, components are not as good as RR 500.
4. I don't think there is any.
5. Giant Cypress, no one can find it.
6. At this low budget, not worth it.
7. Nothing within 20k.

Done so I'll go and check Rockrider 500 and hopefully it should be in stock. Thanks a ton for ur help.

If there's anything else I'll ask you. Thank you for your time and effort in helping me.



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