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Which one is better Firefox Colorado or Firefox Dart 2.6 21SP

Links are here below:

Firefox Colorado

Firefox Dart 2.6 21SP

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one costs around 19k wheras other costs around 10k o_0

What's your budget ?

any specific reason why did you choose these rides ?



I can't comment about Colorado. But stay away from Dart 2.6. I got this bike in end april bewildered by its looks. But its performance and ride qualiity was so poor. Starting from compnent failures like disc brakes, improper gear shifts and squeeky noises and worst tyres prone for punctures. I was having a tough time.


I have upgraded to Shwinn Sporterra sport and the change is remarkable. If your budget constraint look for Rock rider which i see has beautiful reviews in Bikeszone. Check Bikeszone fourms before concluding a buy.





Better to get a Hero/Hercules Roadster commuter than these junk yards.....Go Rockrider or other imp.(except Trek3500).theres few used bike sale news in FB, can try them also. If full suspension , dont know if you really need it or not, same if Adi.Genius is still remaining some pcs to anydealer, else try used.,theres good budget-bike is LA-soveriegn spectrum alloy.13,500/-and ROCK -FullSusp. bike @14.5K, better than colorado a tonalso somehow they are far better than FFox range n Trek 3500 in every aspect

RS                 Bike

13,5k            LA-Spectrum

14,5k            LA-Rock full susp(Good bike to prc)

18k               Hero Genius Full Susp

19k               Trek 3500

23K(disct)     RR 5.3



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