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Hi guys,

I am an all out mountain biker and I generally prefer off road trails. But lately I have been contemplating my decision as my buddy left town. Since I have no one to bike with on the trails(which is risky), I am planning to get a road bike and do some endurance rides before he gets back. I am currently using a Trek X-Cali 8 (with upgraded shocks) and I am planning to get a good beginner road bike. My initial budget is below 50K so that I get a hold of the pros and cons of a road bike before opting for an expensive model. My final goal is to get the Trek  Domane 4.3. As you can see I am a Trek Freak. Anyway please let me know which bike to go for during my initial days. I am confused between Btwin Triban, Merida, Trek 1.1 or opt for a second hand Trek 1.5.



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higher the price range equipment gets better-not always some bikes which are low on price are considerably good as some high end bikes.

but for a first road bike in my opinion its worth to look for a alloy frame with carbon blades (in case of standard road bikes comes with alloy frame and carbon steerer ) rather than a full carbon bike. for a road bike rookie road rash is a probability.carbon frames are prone to damage/broke in case of high impact fall where as alloy will take much more punishment.

only consideration for road bike should be getting a correct frame, better groupset (105 gearing is considered a decent groupset with price and performance standards) and a good bike fit. choose between a sportive and a race frame according to how flexible you are.Since you want to do endurance ride better opt for sportive frames which will be more comfortable rather than a race frame. Since you are a MTB rider road wont be as much comfortable as MTB.

try to sit on couple of bikes and if you are only comfortable with the geometry then only buy ,since you ride trek i assume you wont feel anything good about Btwinn triban.

second hand bikes are might have hidden crack that occur over a period of time if at all you are buying makes sure and inspect the frame and steerer is in sound condition 1.5 is a good bike.

Thanks buddy. Can you recommend me some good road bikes under 100K. I do have a very good bike store around my location (Delhi) which generally pitches me good deals and great bikes. However this time I have no idea. I did find out that Domane has a relaxed frame compared to the Madone which is very sporty. He did say that I should get a Giant Cyclocross cause I feel more secure with Disks (I have a history of bad brakes, thanks to my GT Aggressor, will tell you later).  So now I am even more confused!

Endurance Bikes, Sports/Race Bikes or Cyclocross! :'(

Also I am 6 Feet 1 so what would be the rite frame size? 

if you stand over the top tube with a 2-3 inch gap between your inseem thats the frame for you  plus while sitting on the saddle try to reach the hoods(generallys rides in hoods most of the times) your hand should have a slight bent on your arm .Reach can be easily adjusted with different stem length .

domane is a good bike , I personally ride cannondale.

Endurance Bikes, Sports/Race Bikes-these depends on how flexible your body is and make sure you are comfortable with the bikes you sat on,try different position on bikes like on hoods , said you have a good bike store near you ,i am sure they will be able to help you to choose the perfect bike for you. what kind of a bike to choose is entirely depends on your riding style and where you ride . when i bought the bike for  myself from track and trail they had offered very reasonable bargain offers for cannondale and bianchi bikes. check your local bike store for discounts and offer which they often gives for bikes at this price range.

yeah i did check your bike. Looks beautiful.

I'll take your advice and check the mentioned things. I hope I get my bike soon. 

Also, are you located in Delhi?

no, i am from kerala.

Oh crap man. I would loved to go out on a ride with you. Whenever you come to Delhi or I come to Kerala we should do a ride together. However I must warn you that I am very slow on road :P

Also whats the thing with Hybrids? Are they any good? I checked out one that has race tyres and a super light frame

hybrids are very good on tarmac and they can also decently handle unpaved roads and slight trails.hybrids are an affective intermediate between road and mtb ,it offers a much relaxed position on bikes that helps to ride it as a short commuter or long endurance race bike.hybrids are similar in many ways to a road bike except it has a very relaxed geometry (some has front susp) ,less aero compared to road and still they deliver good performance in road  .

One of the best hybrid I rod was cannondale bad boy 2013(you got check this bike-steathy look,sleek design) .  budget priced montra blues ,shwinn sporterra also are worth for the price

i started out on  MTB , and i still loves to ride it because of  the freedom, way it handles in trails and endless possibility that it doesn't require any specific road or track.but when it comes to speed and control of bike on tarmac road bike rules .

For 6'1", a frame size of 58-60cm should do good, but still do check other sizes too, not everyone is the same. 

If under 1L, then you have a very good range of bikes that you have.

Fuji Sportif series 1 have disc brakes on them and come with comfortable 28mm tyres. But remember, you can't race them in any event, road bikes with disc brakes are not UCI legal.

Cannondale CAAD 8, Orbea, Bianchi, Scott, Giant, Trek, Fuji, etc. you have loads of choices to choose from. 

What you should look for: Shimano 105 Group set or above. A frame that fits you, if you don't find a frame in a specific model, then just leave it, go to another which has your size. Butted frame.  

Thanks buddy. I am not a racer, I ride for fun after a hectic day. I look at the brands you mentioned. Are there any specific models that I should look at?

A hybrid is actually (in very simple terms) a cross between a road bike's wheels and a MTB's set up, meant to be ridden on very relaxed trails or bad roads, but can't handle what a CX bike can.
Like I said before, within a budget of 1L, look for:
1. Frames of your size (very imp.)
2. Then with a group set of Shimano 105 or above (if available).
I am sure Giant makes frames of your size since they do have people of your height in their UCI Pro team.
Go to:
and look for road bikes between the 50k-1L budget and make up your mind, but to know which sizes are available you would have to go onto the company's website.

Thanks man :) When we were kids all we knew was BSA and Hero gear wala cycle now we have so much of options and so many things.. God its been an amazing experience selecting the bike... Learnt a lot for you guys :)



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