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Purchased in June 2007

I've used it from June 2007 until Jan 2010 (when I got my next bike). Recorded usage is 3600km. Unrecorded usage would be about another 2400km.

Total usage must be around 6000km over 30 months.


Bike with following :

  • NEW Al. Bottle Cage (Decathlon)
  • Bell
  • Bontrager kick stand (almost new, not fitted, but see album below for pictures)
  • Cable Lock
  • Standard Platform Pedals (original, not used)
  • Continental TourRide 26"x1.75' slick tyres (ideal for city use). Practically new, done a few hundred km.
  • NEW Handle Bar Grips (from Decathlon)
  • NEW FRONT SUSPENSION, with Damping Adjust (see notes below)
  • A Spare set of Kenda 26'x 2.25" Knobby Tyres
  • A Spare set of Hutchinson TopSlick2 super slick 26"x1.2" with Presta Valve Tubes. Practically new, done a few hundred km. ( Pictures in this album : Hutchinson TopSlick2 )

NOTE ABOUT FRONT SUSPENSION : The original FF VIper Front Sus. consists of a triple crown fork with stanchion tubes extending right up to the handlebar. Its crappy as hell, and heavy to boot. It also doesn't have any damping adjust. I have installed a brand new RockRider fork. For more details about that, visit this blog entry : Front Fork Replacement


I have personally maintained this bike, and it has never seen the hammer and pliers at any LBS.


Headset is completely cleaned and greased (during fork replacement)

Front and Rear Axles completely disassembled and greased.

Chain is still in very good shape (thanks to regular cleaning and lubrication).

Derailluers and Shifters in good order.

Paint job still good, but it has the usual few scratches here and there.

The whole bike has recently been cleaned, serviced, lubed and is squeaky clean.


Pictures of the bike are at this link :

FF Viper


Here's a teaser photo :

















The purchase price was 16,900/-. A new FF Viper (still with crappy front sus, and even bigger, heavier stanchion tubes) is still retailing for about 14,900/- Firefox's website seems down at the moment, so am unable to post a link. Try this link for more general details about this bike :


I'm asking 9,900/- for this, with all the above list of items included. I'm reckoning that list of goodies itself is worth about 3,000/-. Don't come back to me with crap offers. At the price I'm quoting, its still a steal.


The Bike is in Andheri, Mumbai and I would prefer a local sale, unless you can figure out a way of transportation to wherever you are.

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Nice looking bike Anool ! And really well kept :)

only 5 grand lesser than the  brand new bike!, noone will bye it for 10 grand.. thats way too much for a 4 yr bike buddy


With all the accessories almost worth 3k,its a good deal plus the bike looks in good shape and the owner has taken good care of it.I'd say its fairly priced.
Frame size?

Frame size 15"- I'd say suitable for heights below 5'7" . I'm 5'10" and always found it to be smaller.

Back in 2007, there wasn't much choice in terms of models and frame sizes. The new Viper is still available in only 15"


Knowing Anool, the bike should be in darned good condition... and (for those who don't know Anool personally), the guy is absolutely straightforward, so if he's asking for 10K, the bike is definitely gonna be worth it...
So anyone upto 5'6" or 5'7" in height, who's looking for a used bike under 10K, I'd say, go for it!
Btw, Anool, very well presented! :-)
Bump - for those looking to buy a hard tail.
!! SOLD !! Thread closed.



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