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Hi Guys,

I am Prashant from Kochi. I am 79 kg and 173 cm in height. I was planning to buy a hybrid bike to commute 20-30 km. After reading a lot of threads i am confused as to which bike to buy. 

I understand that a trail focused hybrid would be the best choice, since the roads are very bad and narrow tires are not going to last long, but i am not sure which bikes are good.

Following are the list of bikes i have narrowed down (they are not trail focused hybrids alone).

1) Raleigh Misceo: not sure about this bike as this has very narrow tires and Raleigh seems not very reliable based on reviews, but i really liked the lockout feature, and they have Alivio RD.

2) Btwin Riverside 3

3) Montra Blues 1.1

4) Schwinn Super Sport 3

5) Schwinn sporterra

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If this is the Raleigh that is being sold by Suncross bicycles, then ignore it. If it the original Raleigh, then it's worth taking a look.
None of the bikes listed are meant for trail riding.
Components aside, you need a bike that is reliable.
May I suggest taking a look at Merida Crossway 20MD and Giant Roam 3.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks a lot for the info.

I am currently restricted to buying from the TrackAndTrail series or from Decathalon.

The brands are :






GT and btwin

also are road focused hybrids really that unreliable on rough roads, i meant roads with a lot of potholes. 

Since Schwinn and Cannondale are in your budget, you can safely strike off Btwin, Bianchi and Montra.
I have no idea if you are able to get a hybrid by GT, since it is not visible on the Track&Trail site.
Mongoose and GT are good brands.
In general, 35mm tyres are able to handle the common pot-hole.
Is it possible to acquire someone else's hybrid bike in your area and take it for a ride?



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