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Hi Guys,

This is Siddharth ( Webmaster ) from Chennai , I am going to get a new Hybrid bike for commute which is going to be 40KM ( to and fro ). After reading a lot of threads for past few days I can understand that Hybrid bike is going to be my best choice. But I am confused about the brand to choose. Since I am new to cycling.

I am 78Kg and 170cm . I have a budget of upto 30K including accessories. Can anyone suggest me a best choice of brand to go with. I have decided to buy from this store since they have lots of outlets in Chennai.

And also please advise whether it is good to commute 40Km in a day. I am looking to get my fat burned and be always fit.

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How is commuting 40kms a day bad?

You are going to be off the bike for 8-10 hours, while at work, and that's enough time to rest your legs.

There isn't any thing such as best choice at this budget, you have quite a wide variety of decent brands to select from. All you have to do is pick at least two (with the best combination of components and good frame) from the whole bunch, test ride both, and see which one you prefer.

Bike's within your budget: (I think you can spend 1k more, most of the prices that I know of are not the exact) 

Giant Escape 1

Btwin Riverside 3 (or Riverside 500)

Merida Crossway 20 MD

Merida Speeder T1

Merida Crossway 10V

Trek 8.2 DS 

Trek 7.1 FX

Schwinn Super Sport 3

Schwinn Searcher 4

Mongoose Artery Sport 

Fuji Absolute 2.1

I did go on to the justbuycycles site, but there wasn't any information on price of the bikes.

Remember, along with the bike, buy a pair of spare tubes, mini-pump, helmet, lights and bottle cage. 

Thanks Aaron. I have slightly extended by Budget  35K to 40K . 

Can you please sort these bike which i have to prefer first. 

Giant Roam 3

Trek 7.2 FX

Cannondale Quick6 2015

Fuji Absolute 2.1

And also JustBuyCycles have all the brands , so you can suggest me anything which is not in the list too.

BTW I am also going to test ride all the bike you suggested too. 

To your list, I think you can safely add Cannondale Quick 5 (Quick 5 is a higher/costlier model as compared to Quick 6.

Before I really help you (well, actually you'll be doing the most yourself) in making a choice of different bikes, I need to ask you, what kind of terrain are you going to be riding on? Complete Tarmac I assume.

Will you be riding when it's raining (like you don't care if it's raining or not. but you want to ride)? 

Will you be doing some tough climbs?

Would you prefer a light bike with simple rim brakes and no suspension?

Or would you prefer a bike with:

Front suspension, with rim brakes?

Front Suspension, with disc brakes? 

Don't worry about components, all bikes within the 35-40k range have decent components. 


Specialized Sirrus (rigid fork, rim brakes)

Giant Roam 3 (Sus. fork, rim brakes)

Giant Escape 2 (rigid fork, rim brakes)

Merida Crossway 20 MD (Sus. fork, disc brakes)

Scott Sportster 50 (Sus. fork, disc brakes)

GT Transeo 4.0 (Sus. fork, disc brakes)

Specialized CrossTrail (Sus. fork, rim brakes)

Raleigh Misceo 2.0 (Sus. fork, disc brakes)

Felt QX70 (Sus. fork, rim brakes)

Cannondale Quick 6 (rigid fork, rim brakes)

Cannondale Qick 5 (rigid fork, rim brakes)

Trek 8.2 DS (Sus. fork, rim brakes)

Trek 7.2 FX  (rigid fork, rim brakes)

Fuji Traverse 1.6D (Sus. fork, disc brakes)

Fuji Traverse 1.7D (Sus. fork, disc brakes) (1.6 > 1.7)

Fuji 1.9D (rigid fork, disc brakes) 

Focus CraterLake 4.0 (Sus. fork, disc brakes)

If you are going to be riding in the rain like you don't care (not because you are forced to ride while leaving work), then give a bit more preference to bikes with disc brakes, they will be heavier than the bikes with rigid forks, but the disc brakes are safer in the rain.

You would require a 16" or a 52cm frame size.

Thanks a lot for your help and spending time for me Aaron.

As I said I visited the store. And the first bike I tried is "Giant Roam 3" , I am impressed and then I have asked to test drive the "Trek 7.3 FX" I take a ride and I am very impressed with it. When checking with the price it is too heavy for me. The quoted 48K for this bike.

I also test drive few other bike of similar price range , Cannondale .

Now I am in dilemma dont know what to do and which bike to go with. I dont mind spending some money for it. But I dont want to realize later whether i have invested much in bicycle.

Answer to your Questions

1) what kind of terrain are you going to be riding on? 

I will riding the bike in National Highway , GST road in Chennai.

2) Will you be riding when it's raining

Yes , I have to 

3) Will you be doing some tough climbs?

Nope , dont have time for this since I have business to carry on :(

4) simple rim brakes and no suspension?

Like to have disc brake since maintenance will be lower and also it will be helpful in raining. Decided to go with no suspension because I have been told that suspension will make the rider to put some more effort and it will be of additional weight.

Aaron , I used to spend money on lot of other things , earlier thought that spending money on bike wont be helpful. But I am a type of guy who always need the best in the thing I own and at the same time it needs to be worth the money.

So let me know what bike to go and why. Sorry for asking too much questions.

I have seen people buy mobile phones for 25-30K every two years, so what's the problem in spending 35-40k on a cycle, that will last you for well more than 3 years, yeah you may have to spend a bit on maintenance, but if you keep the bike in top shape, then you won't have to spend a lot later on.

Disc brakes may have much lower maintenance, but when it comes to doing it, it's much harder than the V-brakes/rim-brakes.

Front sus. bikes are inefficient because they are heavier, and they absorb some of the force that is being transferred from the rear wheel (by bobbing around). For the second part, the sus. forks come with a lock-out that prevents the fork from bobbing around when not needed.

If you see the above list, there is only one bike that has a rigid fork and disc brakes.

Disc brakes produce a completely different set of forces on the frame/fork, hence the diameter of the tubes (of the fork legs) is increased, to increase strength. So, wouldn't it be better to go for a bike with front sus. where the tubes of the fork legs are already much wider in diameter. 

Thanks Aaron.

Can you please pick 1 or 2 best among one on each of the sets.

I decided to go with rigid fork

Set A - 40K Above

1) Trek 7.3 FX

2) Cannondale Bad Boy 4 2015

3) Cannondale Quick4 2015

4) Giant Escape 1

5) Scott Sportster 40 2015

Set B - Below 40K

1) Giant Roam 3 ( sus lock )

2) Trek 7.2 FX

3) Schwinn Super Sport 2 Disk 2015

4) Cannondale Quick5 2015

Set C - Below 30K

1) Giant Escape 2

2) Trek 7.1 FX MY 2015

3) Schwinn Super Sport 3 2015

4) Schwinn Searcher 4 2015

5) Fuji Absolute 2.1

I wish this is going to be the last test ride among the chosen from each segment. Going to pick some this weekend. Appreciate your help regarding this.

Job Completed Successfully.

Since you are spending so much, very well then, scrap the below 30k bikes, and voila a much shorter list.

Above 40k:

1. Cannondale BadBoy 4

2. Cannondale Quick 4 (this has a higher-end rear-derailleur than the above bike)

3. Scott Sportster 40

Above 30k:

1. Cannondale Quick 5

2. Giant Escape 2 

3. Giant Roam 3

Yeah, I know you asked for two, but their all that god.

Is there any reason you have avoided "Trek 7.3 FX" ? I heard that gear quality is best in this model where as "Quick 4" has good geomentry. Riding will be more smooth in "Quick 4" than "Trek 7.3" . But I miss disc break in those things.

Do pad break cost high and heard that if I didnt maintain properly then It may lead to damage to rim.

So the remaining option is "Scott Sportster 40" , let me know some negative and positive about this in comparing with above models. And please let me know what will be your final pick in this and why ?

Above 30K

1) Cannondale Quick 5

2) Giant Escape 2 

What will you pick and why ? Whats the positive and negative in them. Please consider the scenario as like mine :)

Here are the pricing of the bikes and they will offer me further more discounts for me which will further reduce the bike pricing to 3K to 6K

1) Trek 7.3 FX - 48990rs

2) Cannondale Quick 4 - 44200rs

3) Scott Sporster 40 - 41500rs

4) Cannondale Quick 5 - 38000rs

5) Giant Escape 2 - 35300rs

- I assumed that you meant that you were only gong to spend ~45k, when you had said above 40k. 

Trek 7.3 FX has a 9-speed drive train, you get more usable gear ratios to choose from.

Quick 4 has a 8-speed drive train, but rest is similar to Trek 7.3 FX. 

Since you yourself have pointed out a fact that both the bikes have different frames, which determines comfort. And hence you yourself only can tell which frame suits you the best.  

- Rims brake pads are cheaper than disc-brake pads, but don't last as long as disc brake pads do. 

Disc brake pads are costlier than rim-brake pads, but last longer.

I know what you are saying, that the rims wear out, just like the brake pads wear out, when using rim brakes. But have you ever thought about how much that person has ridden? Wear out of rims will only be noticeable (and dangerous) after riding maybe 10000-15000kms. By the time you complete that kind of distance, you would already be planning to upgrade most of the components of your bike.

- My choice of Scott Sportster 40 was simply given due to the fact, if you noticed, I gave one bike of each, one with rigid fork (Quick 4), one bike with rigid fork and disc brakes (BadBoy 4) and then one bike with front sus. and disc brakes (Scott Sportster 40).


Scott is not a premium brand, hence most of their bikes that are at power (at different levels) with other bikes from Trek or Cannondale, will be cheaper that the bikes from Trek/Cannondale.

The Scott Sportster 40 has disc-brakes, as well as one step/grade higher rear derailleur model as compared to the Cannondale BadBoy 4, which was only there in the Quick 4. Hence a drive train of Quick 4 and disc-brakes.


Front sus. and disc brakes put together is going to make a heavy bike, although you wouldn't notice it because you are a beginner.

- Like I have said before, I can't make a choice for you. Why? Because I am not you, and you have a budget within which there is a good range of bike to choose from. My comfort level preference is much different from your comfort level preference. Hence it is always advised to test ride your bike.

- Above 30k bikes:

Quick 5 - 

Cannondale has given in their specifications that this bike has a butted frame (it's a good thing), but has a Shimano Altus rear derailleur, which is one step lower than that of Shimano Alivio rear derailleur. Has an alloy fork.

I choose Giant Escape 1 instead of Escape 2:

Giant Escape 1 has a Carbon fork, and the rest of the drive train is similar to an even more expensive Quick 4. The Trek 7.3 FX being more costlier than both the Quick 4 and the Escape 1 has an alloy fork.


Carbon (fiber) forks are several times lighter than alloy forks, and give better vibration dampening. But, in an accident, there is a higher chance that the Carbon fork may crack or just break apart, due to the brittle nature of Carbon fiber. And don't expect any kind of disc brakes on carbon forks within this budget. 

Ohh, I am extremly sorry!!! My information about prices is a bit old.

Giant Escape 1, is in the price range of  Quick4 and very similar to it in components.

Giant Escape 2 has a same model of the rear derailleur (Altus) as that of the Quick 5 . Otherwise both have butted frames. They only differ in frame geometry. 

Hi Aaron,

Quick 4 2015 also 9-Speed bike and sales guy told that driving comfort will be much better than Trek 7.3FX and Scott Sportster share the same parts as 7.3 FX but with disc brakes and suspension.

As we discussed I came to know more about these bikes and sorted them in this order based on their price and technology.

1) Scott Sportster 40

2) Trek 7.3 FX

3) Cannondale Quick 4

I will be test riding all these things again. And also I have been told that Scott Sporster price is lower because in India it is being sold directly so they cut the other delarship cost. And also they told that difference between Trek and Scott Sportster will be approx .5kg.

Is there anything you like to share about Scott brand in specific ? I will be also test riding Escape 1 too. 

I have said before, and I am saying it again, don't go by what the Sales guy is telling you about comfort. 


I don't exactly know what you mean by technology, but to my knowledge a carbon fork is way more superior in design (not strength wise) as compared to any sus. fork. Adding and referring  the fact that a carbon bike is the pinnacle of technology in the field of cycling. (No, I'm not saying that aluminum/steel is way far behind).

Scott's a decent brand too, nothing much to say about.

Giant is known for their frames. But, this point would only matter if you had a good amount of experience, and where comfort wouldn't be of much importance.  

You have much to learn. 

After getting the bike, do learn how to do some basic maintenance, which type of lubrication and when to apply, bike fit, etc.



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