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Hi Guys,

This is Siddharth ( Webmaster ) from Chennai , I am going to get a new Hybrid bike for commute which is going to be 40KM ( to and fro ). After reading a lot of threads for past few days I can understand that Hybrid bike is going to be my best choice. But I am confused about the brand to choose. Since I am new to cycling.

I am 78Kg and 170cm . I have a budget of upto 30K including accessories. Can anyone suggest me a best choice of brand to go with. I have decided to buy from this store since they have lots of outlets in Chennai.

And also please advise whether it is good to commute 40Km in a day. I am looking to get my fat burned and be always fit.

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Hi Aaron,

I have ordered Trek 7.3 FX Matte Black and it arrived on last week and find out it was not black but it was Green , well I still went ahead and fixed the bike and later find out frame have some damaged. 

Later I asked them to book another bike in same Matte Color , and after a week time they told it was not available in India itself. It will take time. This get me some time to look for another dealer Pro Bikers.

And today I went them , they also dont have stock of Trek 7.3FX and they asked me to test drive FUJI Absolute 1.5 , which is of same price but better specs. Now I am decided to get that bike , still it lacks comfort like Trek since the seating position is aggressive but i have been told that it will  be much better for 60km commute on daily basis.

Whats your thought on this ? 

What kind of damage? 

Please do not choose form over function, if it's only available in green, then take it. Don't ignore the bike just because it comes in a colour that you don't like.

Component wise, fuji has a better deal. If frame wise, Trek has tubes that are (better) hydroformed as opposed to the Fuji's custom butted tubes (this is where all the money has been invested by Trek, more in the frame, less in the components).

I just noticed, both these bike have internal cabeling. When it comes to changing the cables, you're going to find it a lot more difficult as opposed to external cable routing.

The dealer is right, getting into an aggressive position is more advantageous.

To put this in an easier way, you’re at level 1 (the beginner), where comfort needs to be given more priority. After this, you will to get to level 2 (experienced one), where you naturally get into a more aggressive position (or more flexible) by regularly riding your bike, and you get even more flexible/aggressive with time. Later on you may come to a point where you will give more priority to components and less to comfort.

Fuji Absolute 1.5 has compression spoke (radial lacing pattern) in the front, while Trek has tension (crossed lacing pattern), bla.…bla….bla… I not getting into detail with this part, just that at the same price point, tension spokes give better comfort (although this is also dependent of wheel quality).

The Trek can be made a bit more aggressive, by lowering the stem. And the Fuji can be made less aggressive by separately adding an inclined/raiser stem

Hi Aaron, 

Thanks for the suggestion. I dont much worried about the color , it came with little damage in the rear wheel frame. It seems like a paint rubbed out along with small bend hole in it. Even though the shop person advised to take the bike , I refused. And also even for newer order they are saying that we cant guarantee you in bringing the defect free one since it may get damaged in transit.

Some of the advantage I have been told in FUJI Absolute 1.5 is Carbon Fork , Aggressive Riding Position , Aerodynamic Spokes , Better Components and Better Price.

So at this moment , I am more confused which to go with 



Which will be your buy ?


I am only going to give counter points, real choice has to be made by you.
Carbon fork - I don't see how this is an advantage, except for being much lighter and giving a more comfortable ride (this depends on the fork's design too). When in a (head-on) accident, there's a good chance that the fork might brake right off (separated) hence you may have to check the fork thoroughly immediately after the accident, and if there is a manufacturing defect, the fork will fail instantly and catastrophically, without any warning.
Bladed (aero-dynamic) Spokes - I don't think you would be averaging 50 Kmph or above, where it would actually be advantageous to you.
Aggressive frame - The only concern is that this may cause you to leave riding the bike.

I am considering this if this is true

Carbon Fork - Absorbs vibration and gives Smoother ride.

Aggressive Frame - I do feel the same which you said , but you gave me alternate option.

Today going to test ride both and going to make final decision. Am considering the components on FUJI since it have Deore where Trek has Alivio. And also 28c tires which is better for riding on highways.

And also , FUJI Absolute 1.5 is equal to Trek 7.4 FX isnt that better value for money ?

Any thoughts on my opinion.

Carbon fork - yes, but more expensive alloy forks also give a good ride, similar to entry level carbon forks.
About the value for money wise, I can't comment, since you already may have noticed, I am giving more importance to frame, and not too much to components.

Hi Aaron,

Sorry for not responding for long time. Finally I purchased "FUJI Absolute 1.5" and even with in a week time I have done 100KM + in it even though I am new rider. Its is good and fast.

Here are some snaps.

I just have one doubt, is that bike the correct size? The seat post seems to be out way too much.

The frame size is S/M (17") , I am 170cm , 5'7" I need to get 18" but the frame size is not available since M (19") will not suit me.

And during stand over height I have got clearance of 2" in this frame. Is this right size for me or small ?

The only reason for asking is because if your seat post is not at least 2" inside the seat tube, then that produces a lot of stress on the frame and may even cause the top most part of the seat tube to brake off.
Or may cause the seat post to bent at the QR area.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for this information. Immediately I checked my bike and found that more than 2" of the stem is inside the tube and also there is a indication in the stem which shows the min position to insert. Here are few snaps for your observation and let me know whether am good to go.

Can you please advice whether the handle stem and saddle are in proper adjustments ?

It seems that my phone's browser isn't able to display the pictures.
Anyway, since a min.lvl. insertion mark is given, and you have inserted it way more that, it's good enough.



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