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Hello, i am looking for a good entry level hybrid cycle to start cycling. Which would include rides around thane city. And sometimes up till belapur (60km). I currently have a simple hero DTB octane cycle.

I have alwes been intrested in cycling, but never had enough resources to put in a good cycle.

Now i have applied for YHAI's jalori pass cycling expedition and am riding alot more than usual.

I have noticed that i get tired alot faster due to my cycles center suspention.

I have approched local cyclists through facebook. They have varying opinions some say dont go for firefox and montra as indian brands are not as good as trek Scott and other international brands.
Some say go for as much as you can spend.

What i would like to know is whether firefox and montra really not worth buying?

Model i have in mind is firefox rapid 21s which is for 17k
Comparable model for same in trek would be 7.1 fx For 25k.
What will be gaining by spending 25k over firefox? As on paper they both look same.

Is there any other hybrid under 25k i can go for?
What is the avrage life span of a cycle in this category?

Sorry for long list of questions!

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Well, up till now, I have only read good reviews on these 2 bikes.
If you are willing to give a try, how about Montra Blues or Montra Trans, it's just a blind suggestion, components are quite low end, some say they are too heavy.
So wonderfully explained.
So very nice of you Aaron. I could never have found any of this information in the internet..
Really glad and thankful to you.
Thanks guys for guiding me through this, after reading around i have decided not to go for FF. So i will buy in range of 25 to 30. Could anyone explain shemano hierarchy.

Hybrids come with either road or MTB groupsets/derailleurs.
1. Hierarchy of MTB gears: (low to high)
SIS, Tourney, Altus, Acera, and so on.
2. Hierarchy of Road gears: (low to high)
2200, Claris, Sora, and so on.
Normally hybrids in this range don't come with SRAM derailleurs, but if they do, most probably MTB ones, it would be named as X and then a no. (like SRAM X5). Starting is X3, all the way to X9 and X0.

So in Schwinn sporterra sport there is altus alivo, thats better than trek 7.1 fx right? Which has tourney altus.

Theoretically, Yes. 

But, you need to have a test ride of both. OR even better, higher both the bikes for a day or two and have a nice long ride on both to find out which one suits you best. 

Remember, get the proper size bike first along with a basic bike fit.

A bike worth 10 lakh that isn't your size, irrespective of quality, is not going to be as comfortable to ride as compared to a 10k bike that is of your size

Well said!

Check out Btwin Riverside 3 / 500 Cross Trekking at Decathlon, Thane.

Do go for Trek, Scott or BTWin (from higher to lower in quality). Also, get bike fit done properly.



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