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Greasin Without Messin (Ultra Simple Grease Gun)

It gets messy While dispensing grease to inner cup on the rear hub (cassette side). I tried using a small plastic syringe (2.5ml) to dispense the grease and it worked fantastic. To make it more effective I bent the nozzle a little by warming it up on the candle flame.

To fill the grease in the syringe you can
1. Suck in the grease from the nozzle
2. Remove the piston of the syringe and fill in the grease from wide open end

A bigger syringe (5ml or 10ml) can be used

Works really good

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Good Idea it surely works .....precisely
i use the same technique with a 10 ml syringe.oil also can be dripped efficiently n smoothly with use of a needle.
ur bending part is good.
Yes Shantanu Good idea this can be used for oiling too....
+1 to your idea, try using a dental needle... its already bent :)



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