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Planning to buy a new bike, my budget is 15K.

need expert advice :)

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I thought you put up a barely used Schnell for sale recently? What's the point in 'upgrading' to a bike that costs just a couple of thousand more? You have very little choice in the sub-15K segment, so frankly it's not worth it - you should have held on to the Schnell. Or put in another 7-8K and go for a real upgrade. Say, a Schwinn or a GT.

schnell  is ok but it is too big for me,and i'm not comfortable with it. i would say, it was wrong choice.

i can stretch up to 20k but basically as per my usage 15k makes sense :).

Sigh. You should have gone with your original choice (Rockrider 5.0 WSD) in the medium size. It's still a good buy for about 11K if you aren't a hardcore offrider and mostly stick to tarmac. Don't know about availability in your city though.

any way 5.0 is not available here, and if i order it from decathlon, it costs totally 12.5 or 13(included shipping cost), not sure.

In stead i thought of increasing budget and go for 5.1

Call a dear friend who lives in Bangalore and cajole them into buying a Rockrider for you while this offer lasts! You should get a 5.2 in your budget, and the courier shouldn't cost much more than 1K, hopefully. :)

OMG !! are you serious :)

Well, I can't personally vouch for its veracity, but I did read someone's post on bikeszone saying he bought an RR 5.0 at 25% discount yesterday.

i checked with them, it is true, but don't have decathlon membership to purchase :( 

What a pity. They don't mind if you use someone else's membership to purchase stuff -- this 'membership' business is effectively just a way to meet a legal requirement. But you need to find a member willing to do it for you (I'm not one, unfortunately).



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