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I have a question. What are the means of carrying the bicycle in plane?

I don't mind dismantling it completely. My only concern is it should not be damaged.

What are the economic ways to do it?

Please let me know.



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Remove both the tyres. Pack them individually in bubblewrap/light cardboard packing. The same for the frame and the rest of the unit. It would help if u can mark them 'fragile handle with care'.  Ask at the airport check in to place these in the cargo. Alternately try a cargo service(DHL. THey shud have service guarantees), if u know were ur final destination is and u will be able to receive it.

donot forget to deflat tyres before packing cycle in box :)

unbolt the rear deralluer system too leave as its connected with cable etc just unbolt the main bolt an pertially open it..Note-when wheel is un installed,the bike will /tend to rest on the chainstay so create pressure on RD system n hanger,if it bend a micro then precission shifting is gone...noshift...noise,etc etc which i faced on travel to Kolkata cyclothon...too much tension, n i had to work till 11pm to fix it...uninstall RD n hanger or use a support as the bike can rest on chain stay but the RD system can hang safe with out any pressure ..

When we went to Sri lanka from mumbai Jet Airways to Colombo deflat both tyres remove front tyre, seat, Paddles & carrier, just loose the handle bolt,do not remove turn the the handle parralel to your frame & then put the cycle in the box witth parts. In some Air lines THEY ALLOW COMPLETE CYCLE WITH TYRES DEFLATED IN CARGO.



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