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Hello All,

Sorry if similar kind of thread already exists  but i could not find any.

I am newbie (not to cycling in childhood have done lot of cycling but that was like 15-20 years back) and seeking out help to buy cycle.

My purpose to buy cycle around 20K for daily commute to office which is 10Kms (both the sides) and twice in month may be alternate weekends i would love to go Ooty which is 100KMs from Coimbatore where i am staying. I Know it is too much but this would be like a my fitness challenge. One thing is for sure i don't need a mountain bike i need a hybrid bike that much i could figure out from this forum.

I am 28 years old with 5 Feet 8 Inches height and 78Kgs weight.

I went to decathlon and they suggested me "ORIGINAL 5 CMW"

This falls well under my budget but i want to know is this a good bike or or do we have any other better option. There is a firefox cycle store also in the town where i haven't gone there. Should i even don't bother going there?

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Thanks a lot Savit Kumar. Well i didn't know there are so many bikes in this range and so good. Now fun part is it gets bit difficult for me to choose. I went through comparing all the three bikes you mentioned through this link.

However i am not able to figure out which one is best for me. I like Firefox 21S Rapide though. One more thing i find out the decatlon guy who showed me BTWin original 5 bicycle is actually MTB and not Hybrid.However that is only one having suspension of all the other three cycle you suggested above. I was reading in some other forum ( and there they said suspension is not really required if you are not doing mountain biking. However i would like to know other peoples opinion is helping me choose cycle for my need :EEEEE

Here is now fresh comparison for three cycles that i need decide between.

Hi Prateek,

I am happy to note that you have zeroed in on the perfect group of bikes based on your weight and personal needs.

Among all the choices you mentioned, they are quite close as far as specs are concerned. However, the most important factor is build quality, which influences the ride quality and ownership experience. I personally don't recommend Firefox because of their poor after-sales and parts availability.

Btwin Original 5 CMW is an extremely good bike (it's a touring bike, not a MTB) with excellent after sales support from Decathlon. The only con in this bike is it has grip shifters, which is not suitable for frequent gear changes due to undulating tires your wrists and stresses your palms. If your route to work is predominantly flat, then this is the bike for you.

Montra Blues 1.1 suits your need best among the three, if you want a trouble free ownership combined with very good ride quality. Just make sure you buy it from a renowned and honest bike store in Coimbatore. Go for 19" frame size to suit your height.

Good luck. If you need to discuss anything else feel free to call me on 9731526622.


Hey Basab

Thank you so much that helps so much :).

Hi Prateek,

 My group is Pune is using Montra MTB cycles and they are excellent in build. You won't have any issue. Go for Montra Blue 1.1.


- Regards,

Nitin Nikhare



Montra cycles still need improve a lot!

Hi Guys,

Thanks for suggestions and help.

I finally bought the cycle. I got BTWin CMW original 5 which was coming in my budget . Now i need help is accessories

1) Does anyone know how to make dynamo powered head lamps and Samsung Android phone charger

2) Also from where to buy carrier or build carrier for Laptop etc.

In my office most of DIY sites are blocked :( would have to search from home.

Hi Prateek,

Congratulations. I am really happy that you took my suggestion and gone for the Btwin CMW Original 5. I am sure that you will enjoy the experience.

1) Dynamo powered headlamps are never useful because they flicker on slow speeds and give good illumination only at high speeds. It's better to go for USB/Solar rechargeable LED headlamps and tail lamps available at or at reasonable prices.

You will also get cell phone charger at the above sites.

2) The best way to carry a laptop while cycling is to carry it in your backpack. I have never seen carriers meant specially for laptops, but regular carriers are available at Decathlon.

Please feel free to call me on 9731526622. Will be happy to help.


Hi Prateek, The Montra Blues 1.1 is the perfect bike for your purpose. Its a Hybrid bike with specs which are too good for what you will be paying.



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