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Hybrid for a 6 feet height between 10 to 15 k..

Hi All,

This is Nitesh Sharma from Delhi. I know this question has been asked many times here but still want to clear few doubts.

I am new to the cycling and to this forum.I would like to buy a hybrid as i would be doing 90% onroad cycling.My budget is around 10 to 12 k and maximum i can stretch to 15k.I am 6 feet and want to know which bike or frame will be best for my height.

I have heard that indian brands like hercules, hero and firefox are not good enough so please help me with the same too.

And, which foreign brands bike will fit in my budget.Will Axis Jazz or Schwinn be a good buy or  a hercules Ryder Act 110 which is a indian bike?

Will appreciate your revert.

Thanks in advance..:-)

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go for montra jazza absouletely value for money priced at 16900?-


ridesafe stay fit

happy cuycling

chirag shah

Hey thanks Chirag for your prompt revert.

Montra might be too expensive for me i think.I may consider this but apart from this any other bike under 15k.What about Act 110?

And, montra frame and design will be good enough for me as i weight around 75 Kg so little worried about that too.I am also not sure about the availability of spare parts of montra here in delhi and will it be expensive? 

If u remember, I spoke to you one day over the phone and you mentioned about Axis Sportz i think.

Look forward for your revert..:-)

Please help me out members as i am going to buy a bicycle for me sooner than later.


I feel there are not many quality bikes between 10 to 15 range , i think either you can think of upto 10 k for mostly indian make cycles or schnell/Fomas/Firefox(dont have an opinion about them but will cost around 10-13k)  or wait and goto 18-20 k+ , Hercules Neo is the only one around 11k which would have been fine but i feel for 6 feet it wont be right fit for you , if you can goto 20+(save more and get it in 3 months after rains maybe) , you can have options like montra/schwinn/Mongoose/Btwin , also i think the base range of orbea might be fine , you will get very good hybrids around 20-22k .

see this list

Also remember that you will need 3k+ for accessories like helmets/lights/cyclometers/stands/carriers/locks etc .

My favorite is mongoose crossway 250(as i own one) which is currently at 20300 and should get it around 18-19 with some bargaining .

Hi Aniket,

Thanks alot for your revert, it really helped.This idea to wait for few months and buy a good bike around 20k or so came to my mind too and will definitely consider this again as we have monsoon here in delhi and i think wait for another 2 or 3 months would be good for me.

I did check schwinn frontier at 18k and was quite impressed with it, do not know about Mongoose.Do you have any idea about Hercules Ryder Act 110 as it fits into my budget?or any other brand you could suggest to me?

Thanks again for writting..:-)

Ryders Act 110 is the older bike , Ryders Neo is the latest one but its only available in medium size which may not fit you , you should try test riding it

Schwinn frontier is an MTB i think , sporterra or searcher should be fine ,

or Bianchi rubino/Giant/Montra/Mongoose etc would be fine . Most of the parts in the range are same so goto a shop and test ride the hybrids in that range and decide which one seems most comfortable for you  .

Sounds good Aniket, I preferred act 110 considering its frame size only.I will test drive few before buying any of these bikes.

I require hybrid only so schwinn sportz would do good to me but its range is around 20 k so will have to see my budget too..

Thanks for ur advice..:-) 

Any advice about Rockrider 5.1??

1 dealer in delhi is offering it for around it worth buying?knowing my height?

firefox roadracer 700 C. its a decent hybrid bike and value for money and will fit your budget. it also has a adjustable stem to help you sit upright. all other foreign bikes will be over your budget.

Thanks Deepak for reverting.

Ohk will check firefox too but i just want to clarify 1 thing that firefox quality is not that good so just want to know is it worth buying firefox considering other aspects like servicing, spare parts availablity etc??any other brand u recommend?

Thanks again for writting in..:-)

oh yes. no issues with the quality..  at least the jhandewala store in Delhi is quite good.  where do u stay. u can also call me if u need to discuss further.. 

i stay in east delhi, dilshad garden and i think nearest store for me would be jhandewalan u know how much will it cost to me??where do you stay??

I would like to have a conversation with you for the same..




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