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I have a Btwin Rockrider 340 MTB that I have been riding for about four months. I am 40, and do about 15-20 km everyday for leisure or exercise.
I want to buy another cycle, as my 12 year old son also competes with me for my cycle.
As most of my riding is on roads, I was considering buying a hybrid. I tried one out in a cycle store and found it to have a comfortable position.
Forum members, please advise whether it is wise to go for a hybrid, or I should stick to a MTB.

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Your budget? A proper hybrid, in my opinion is going to cost 25k-30k.
I was contemplating on either the Btwin Riverside 3 or Montra Trance, both of which are about 20k.
Bergamont Helix 2.3 at 22k, its going to be heavy, but must try it.

Montra Trance is a good bike for  the city use and does not have a fancy price tag., also price is below Rs.16,000/-. According to me it is better than Btwin.

I normally advice people to never expect much from the local brands.
Anyway, Montra Trance is heavy and has low end Shimano Tourney derailleurs, and comes in, I think, only 2 sizes, hopefully one of them fits. Otherwise don't even think about it.
I was checking the specs of various cycles on the net. Most cycles under 20k are with Tourney derailleurs. Even Mongoose, Schwinn and Cannondale in the 25k range have the same derailleur. It's only Btwin Riverside that has a rear Acera, which I think is a big plus for the Btwin. Applying the derailleur comb pretty much eliminates most other options.
But if we go according to MRP, Riverside 3 comes within the 35k range, and hence should have a good rear derailleur.
I am not saying don't look at the Montra Trance, if you do like it, and hopefully it comes with your required size, go ahead and get it, at least we will have a good review about this bike.
It's a simple thing to choose from, if at a specific budget say 25k, you may either get a light frame with low end derailleurs, or you may get a heavier frame with higher end Derailleurs. The more higher the budget, the lighter bike you get.
So when I make a decision, what should I accord a higher weightage to; frame weight or derailleur category?
Well, a good light (& strong) frame (which means more expensive) is definitely going to be easier to ride, on the other hand, good gears are going to give very smooth and precise shifts.
The choice is yours now.
But, do take a test ride of all.

I'm riding Btwin Riverside 3 since 29 Dec 2014 at least 5 to 6 days a week for a similar distance. Its been good so far. Recently, I'm little confused about maintaining its PSI on tyres which I'm trying to sort out.

Decathlon is offering Riverside 3 for 20k for a limited period. Your take, Aaron?

Riverside is very good bike, infact all btwin bikes are total value for money. 



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