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I have a Btwin Rockrider 340 MTB that I have been riding for about four months. I am 40, and do about 15-20 km everyday for leisure or exercise.
I want to buy another cycle, as my 12 year old son also competes with me for my cycle.
As most of my riding is on roads, I was considering buying a hybrid. I tried one out in a cycle store and found it to have a comfortable position.
Forum members, please advise whether it is wise to go for a hybrid, or I should stick to a MTB.

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Man don't get so hyper, they will give Germany as an answer, because that's what they are told to give.
Even all the (low end) frames upto RR5.0 are made in India, but still work perfectly.
Companies like Raleigh and Giant also get their frames made in China, even when Raleigh says that they are British made.
Trek's non-OCLV carbon frames are also made in China.
No doubt that you were told that it was made in Germany, but let me ask you one thing, if the MRP of Riverside 3 is ~33k, then how is it possible for Decathlon to still make a profit on the Riverside 3 when selling it at 20k, if the frame is supposedly made in Germany?

Yeah could be they're lying. Which is sad. Because one of the points I was sold on was that.

Maximum number of bicycles and bicycle parts are made in China, Made in china does not mean bad product. In chine you get what you pay for. For less money you get cheap or substandard stuff and at the same time for good money you get quality stuff. Btwin im sure has its own quality standard and as far as what i have seen River side has a very decent frame and is good value for money. 

The sales person at Coimbatore also tells me that the frame of Riverside is German. Possibly they mean German engineered, but manufactured in China. So hopefully, you can expect German quality!

Yeah that could be the case. They replied my email. Mentioned its made in Germany.

@Aaron Court, am not getting hyper. I just needed to know the truth. So that the public knows.

@Vinni B, true, regarding quality stuff from China for lesser price, or good value for money. I can only say better after I cross at least 1000kms or usage for 1 year and see what the bike's journey has been through. Lets see.

Todays 20kms ride was once again good.

I just saw, theres a sticker behind the frame. It says designed in France, made in Germany.

Thanks for all the inputs. I've got my Btwin Riverside 500 (earlier known as RS 3). Taking it out for the first spin in another few minutes!
I'm looking fir a hybrid too! Please give your views on fuji absolute 2.3? and if it's not worth it what should I buy under 25k?

- Fuji is claiming that the Absolute 2.3 has a custom butted frame (lighter without loss of strength) and a higher version of Shimano Altus rear derailleur and a rigid fork. Only put-off is that it has low end revo-shifters.

- Merida Crossway 10V. Similar to the above, but non-butted frame. Put-off is a front sus. making it heavy at 15kgs (claimed). If you are looking for comfort, tyres are 40mm wide.

- Giant Escape 3. Has lower end Shimano Tourney. Non-butted frame.

All the above has the same gear ratios. 


Does it matter much if we choose MTB instead of hybrid. Im new to this forum and planning to buy my 1st bicycle so just need some info before purchasing.

Thank you

I have got both types, a MTB and a hybrid. My vote goes to the hybrid. As most of your riding would be on roads, this would be better. As for the technical aspects, I think Aaron is the authority! Also see the comments by Dr Suman on this thread.



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