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I have a Btwin Rockrider 340 MTB that I have been riding for about four months. I am 40, and do about 15-20 km everyday for leisure or exercise.
I want to buy another cycle, as my 12 year old son also competes with me for my cycle.
As most of my riding is on roads, I was considering buying a hybrid. I tried one out in a cycle store and found it to have a comfortable position.
Forum members, please advise whether it is wise to go for a hybrid, or I should stick to a MTB.

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Just adding in my 2 cents, I would advice to go for Hybrid. As you have yourself mentioned that most of the riding that you do is on roads then why go for MTB. infact you should consider putting a sleek tire on your MTB also that will give you more speed.

@ Ganesh,
Well, even I have a low-end Decathlon bike and have a good experience with it (as in better than other bikes by Hero/Hercules/Atlas... in the 10k range, yes it does have it's own ups and downs), and have completed almost 2000kms on it. Hence even I would give a vote for Riverside 3.
But do ahead and try Bergamont 2.3.

May I add, semi slick or slick tyres are not going to increase speed, but will help in efficiency.

Aaron for me and a lot of my cycling buddies sleek tires has resulted in increased speed as well as efficiency

Sir considering your age my advice is Hybrid bike. 

Decathlon Stores offer best prices, check their facebook pages every store has their pages which depends upon the place where the store located. I saw a offer for large size RR300 for 8999/- recently.

Get into Track & Trail stores they have some old models which they sell for lesser prices. Schwinn sporterra old models sold for 21k. Old models means 2013,2014 which has same components different colors will be changed by company every year.

As u live in Tamilnadu checkout their facebook pages.

Call some dealers and query regarding the price most of them will explain u regarding the price and offers.

As u are using a bike already i suggest u to go for a best bike more than 25k which is a good investment.

most of the international brands offer life time warranty.

montra & firefox offer 2yrs warranty only, they are made in china designed in india. 

Below 20k Btwin bikes are ok but not best. 

Blindly go for HYBRID as u can compete with ur son.

Dont buy any 2nd hand bikes.

But, most of the Decathlon's bike's frames are also made in China, but since quality checks are carried out, they are good and strong.
Montra frames made in China? I thought that since they are a division of BSA/Hercules, they must be built in India.
Normally, according to what I have read, Firefox (employees) normally ignore the warranty, and nothing much is expected from them.

I was told at Decathlon Thane that Riverside 3 frame is made in Germany.

 Btwin is a France company.

I dont know where they r made.

Yes, I know its a France company.

Maybe he said assembled in Germany but I may've heard it as made.

The bicycle is made in China, i doubt even if a single spoke on it is made in France or Germany. 

Which means the salesperson lied to me at Decathlon Thane. Bad. I will've to inform them then.

No need to, don't waste your time, they are only going to tell the customers what their superiors have told them to.
And just be happy that you got a good bike at 20k, well until your frame breaks.

I've sent an email to Decathlon. I need to  know the truth.



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