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Hi All,

    My daily commute will be max 16KM up & down. But I want to ride country side roads on weekends. Iam unable to conclude between a MTB & Hybrid because I have seen Many places roads will not be proper all out with gravel. Please give some suggestions with your experience. My budget is between 15k - 20k. If possible can you suggest some bikes? 

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For your usage, depending on how much of road/trails you do either may work. You should decide based on how much trails vs how much tarmac, and what factors are more important to you. Rest, assured, there are no absolute wrong answers and most bikes would do most of the stuff.

At your budget point, it is probably a good idea to not focus on individual component comparison but instead get a bike which you like riding from a brand which can be trusted for good quality.

In my opinion, your advantages/disadvantages would be:

(1) MTB:

+ Will give you highest confidence while riding on rough roads, slippery/wet mud etc. Please note that on really tough muddy roads, your technique will be an equally important factor.

+ On rough tarmac, you will usually not have to slow down as much as a road-focused hybrid.

+ Your stance on the bike will give you confidence on tough trails.

+ Usually better ride quality because of thicker low PSI tyres.

- The same stance may be tiring for longer fast rides on tarmac.

- You will be slightly slower for your commutes on tarmac. May not be noticeable.

(2) (a) Hybrid - trail focused -  a compromise between (1) and (2b). You may get the grip of an MTB with fatter tyres with a more relaxed stance of a hybrid. This would be the best/worst of both worlds, depending on whom you ask :).

(2) (b) Hybrid - road focused.

+ Your fastest option. Especially on thin high PSI tyres.

+ More relaxed seating than hybrids (usually).

+ Often faster gearing. Your max speed will be higher.

- Less control on slippery/muddy tracks. You may have to step off and walk sometimes.

- The gearing may give you higher max speed, but the easiest gear won't be as easy as the MTB. No free lunch.

- Ride quality may be harsher.

Thank You for your suggestions.




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